General Information

Prize pool - $500,000
1. $250,000
2. $100,000
3. $60,000

4. $30,000
5-6. $20,000
7-8. $10,000
Open Qualifiers
-- CIS-Europe : Team Secret
-- America : Thunderbirds
-- SEA : Clutch Gamers
-- China : LGD.FY

Regional Qualifiers --- May 6-14
- 4 regions, Europe, America, SEA and China
- Double elimination bracket, bo3 and final bo5
- 8 teams from each region, 6 invited + 2 qualified
- Winner advances to LAN
MAIN EVENT --- Jun 4-11
Location : Moscow, Russia
- 10 team, group stage and double elimination bracket
- 5 Direct Invites: Team OG, EG, VP, Team Liquid, IG
- AM Qualifier : Thunderbirds
- CIS-Europe Qualifier : Team Secret
- SEA Qualifier : Clutch Gamers
- China Qualifier : LGD.FY
- Winner of Voting : Natus Vincere

- 5 directly invited teams + 4 teams from qualifiers + 1 public vote winner ; 2 groups; 5 teams in each
- SE, 6 teams; top seed from each group start in semi-finals; the 2nd and 3rd placed teams proceed to the quarter-finals

EPICENTER 2017 Live Streams

News for EPICENTER 2017

Battle of the Mind Games – Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses; KuroKy- vs Cr1t-

EPICENTER Moscow 2017 Grand Finals: Game-by-game draft analysis between Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses.

Team Liquid become two times Champions of EPICENTER Moscow

Team Liquid defended their Epicenter title as they made short work of Evil Geniuses.

Team Liquid crush LFY 2:0; cruise into the EPICENTER 2017 Grand Finals

The second day of the EPICENTER Moscow 2017 playoffs came to a dramatic close as Liquid crushed LGD.Forever Young's dreams with a 2:0 sweep for the final spot in the coveted Grand Finals. 

Evil Geniuses sweeps Team Secret to secure a spot in the Grand Finals of EPICENTER Moscow 2017

In a classic matchup, Team Secret met the North American giants in the semi-finals of EPICENTER: Moscow 2017 and were subdued by two almost identical drafts.

Team Liquid survive the Virtus Pro wrath and live another day to defend their EPICENTER title

Day one at the EPICENTER Moscow 2017 playoffs concluded with bad news for the CIS and the home crowd fans of Virtus Pro who got beaten at their own aggressive game.

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Features - EPICENTER 2017

EPICENTER 2017 survival guide; All you need to know

EPICENTER 2017 will commence tomorrow with the group stage phase and the competition will only become more intense moving forward as ten world class teams battle it out for the lion's share of the $500,000 prize pool and championship title.

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