FATA- teams up with Feero, 343, YapzOr and FoREv

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A squad spanning over multiple regions, but playing in Europe, features the return of 343 and FATA- to competitive Dota, the reveal of FoREv and YapzOr's new teams and the debut of Feero.

A couple of days ago, Yazied 'YapzOr' Jaradat announced that he had left Escape Gaming and that his future plans "would be announced in the near future". Three days later, the announcement came on both Adrian 'FATA-' Trinks and Adam '343' Shah's Twitter accounts at the same time, when they announced the members of the team.

The new team's roster is as follows:

Jordan Feras 'Feero' Hroob
Germany Adrian 'FATA-' Trinks
South Korea Lee 'FoREv' Sang-don
Jordan Yazied 'YapzOr' Jaradat
Malaysia Adam '343' Shah

The announcement has quickly proliferated among passionate Dota enthusiasts. It features the return of FATA-, who had left Team Liquid and took a break from competitive Dota. Regarded as one of the best midlaners in the competitive scene since his days in Cloud9, FATA- steered Team Liquid to the two Major Grand-Finals that they played. While the squad features many world-renowned players, an unfamiliar face, of whom critics are skeptical, is Feras 'Feero' Hroob. Handling the demanding the role of safelane carry, he is a Jordanian player who has been playing in the Americas for quite a while in different teams. Like many other players of his league, he too, has crossed the 8000 MMR boundary. The last core for the new team is Lee 'FoREv' Sang-don. Joining Team Secret in the Fall Reshuffle, his stay was very brief, as he only played one tournament (and won it), but rejoined MVP Phoenix in time for the Boston Major, where they could not place well as they met tournament-winners OG in the first round of the main event. Only time will tell how well FoREv adjusts with his new team (or he may become the Korean Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev). 

Another reason for the hype surrounding the team is because it stars YapzOr, arguably the strongest and most individually skilled player of Escape Gaming and one of the best, if not the best, roaming supports in the world. YapzOr's aggressive roaming on his signature Mirana and niché Clockwerk, combined with his mind-games with enemy supports revolving around the midlane, have generated fame and respect for him worldwide as a solid four position player. Completing the support duo along with YapzOr, is the former Fnatic player and drafter - 343. Almost identical to FATA-, 343 decided to take a rest after a solid performance in the International 2016, where he knocked out FATA-'s Team Liquid as well as 2-0'ed the Korean overlords MVP Phoenix to secure fourth place, and about one and a half million dollars.

As time progresses, it will be intriguing to see how well the new team places compared to other top-tier European teams, as the team definitely has the potential to be a tier-one team. With many organizations such as Mousesports, Cloud9, and TSM lacking a Dota roster, the sponsor that the team acquires will also be noteworthy. While many claim that the roster's success is directly dependent on the success of Feero, recent history saw OG acquiring Anathan 'ana' Pham who was also a newbie, but was able to carry OG well enough to win his first Valve event. It is also yet to be announced who captains the team, but the obvious possibilities would be either FATA-, being a senior player in his team, or 343, who has previously drafted for Fnatic.


Do you think this new roster has the potential to be a tier-one team in time for the Kiev Major?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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  • justin "justiins" CC ,
    Big fan of FATA and this team looks promising. And I always like to see new players in Dota, like this Feero guy.
  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    Yapzor has been playing a lot with fata on stream lately and he mentioned changes would come soon. This team looks like a promising new contender in the european scene - not nececarily tier 1, but at least able to cause some very big upsets if their chemistry works out! Very exciting. :-)
  • Nils "JoppeNille" Johansson ,
    Hoping they do well. Big fan of Forev and it seems like Yapzor deserves to be in a good team for once.
  • Ashhad "a.s.h.h.a.d" Shabbir ,
    Yesterday on Reddit some guy told that FATA will be playing with Feero and Yapzor and he drew the team draft something like this. 1. Feero 2. FATA 3. ??? 4. Yapzor 5. ??? then some guy suggested that forev is looking to play in EU and left Secret for their less aggressive style and told about 343 that he is also interested to play in EU. Interestingly these are the 2 players who can fill the blank spot of the above lineup + the composition would also be great. And now what its REAL. And the team looks solid on Paper and can be the front runner of the upcoming tournaments.


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