Day[9] starts his apprenticeship in Dota 2

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

One of the most iconic personality from Starcraft, Day[9] is turning his eyes to Dota2 and starting this January he plans a four months long series of learning streams with Purge in the coach seat.

“Day[9] learns Dota 2 with Purge” will be a weekly five to six hour live stream every Wednesday, starting on January 18. “Our goal is not to focus on specific heroes and builds (since a patch could change them at any moment). Instead, we hope to focus on deeper core concepts that can be useful in any version of Dota. We’ve been planning this show for a few weeks now, so the timing of Dota 7.00 couldn’t have been better” explained Day9 on his Reddit announcement.

The real life brother of the Starcraft 1 and 2 commentator, Nicolas "Tasteless" Plott, Day[9] is one of the pioneers and certainly one of the most important and beloved content creators for Starcraft 2. A professional player himself during the Starcraft 1 era, Day[9] has nearly half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is the creator of endless number of guides and tutorials. Since Hearthstone was launched, Day[9] continued to be a prolific content creator for Blizzard’s community.

A few months back, sometime before The International 6, Day[9] started to tweet a few things about him playing Dota2 and was warmly welcomed into the community by most of the game personalities. He is now sitting at around 250 hours played and his solo MMR is 2.2k. As most of us did at some point in our life, Day[9] went consuming Purge’s guides and with the 7.00 patch, which has a steep learning curve even for the more experienced players. He decided to partner up with one of the most analytical mind in Dota 2, in order to discover and learn the paths of the “New Journey”.

As you might imagine, I quickly started to devour Purge’s videos and began bombarding him with various questions. Since I was clearly hungry to learn more we figured, why not make a video series about it? - extract from Day[9] ‘s Reddit post

“Day[9] learns Dota 2 with Purge” streaming lessons are planned over the course of four months, which means we should expect 16  “episodes” that will be available to watch on both parties personal Twitch and YouTube channels, live and on demand.


Will you tune in to learn the ways of the “New Journey” with Day[9] and Purge?

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  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    I think valve is currently running a rather large campaign to seriously increase Dota2's playerbase by targetting the audience of several other e-sports title's, especially Mobas now that they released there 7.00 (or Dota 3 as many may call it) During the last weeks, they did: -Invite Machine as a host for the Boston Major (a well know host in the counterstrike-scene) -do this day9/purge partnership and create a whole set of "get into dota" vods (day9, as mentioned as once of the more iconografic figures of the SC2 scene) -open up Dota2's gameplay with, but not limited to, inspiration directly drawn from HotS (witch brought a standalone Moba on the battle-net plattform, but isnt as much of a succes) -with dota2's iteration of Wukong the Monkey, there's now someone even LoL players can relate to -make an effort to create interest in Dota2 as a game where "AI" research can be done (the guys from "Deep Mind", googles AI that won vs. the GO world champion, is currently expanding into SC2, but SC2 is a ded game unfortunatly) -the continous improvement of Dota2 as a game for Modders with a (hopefully) very powerful modding tool For a couple of reasons, i do think that all these things arent just randomly happening right now. There is allready a lot of change in the E-Sports scene with SC2 beeing nearly completly gone and arguably sort of a beyond the peak in the absurd amount of attraction LoL has gotten over the recent year. Also games like Overwatch open up new game brances that capitalize from the best of both worlds in Moba and FPS. Valve is setting up Dota2 to stay, both in gameplay aswell as in interest/audience and i kinda feel that they are doing a damn good job! Agree/disagree? Thoughts?
    • kabu "JOK" smaug ,
      i just hope that this bullshit model of esport never get taken seriously why ? cuz its not how other sports work in this bullshit "dota2" game you spend years training and you wake up one day and you realize you have to learn stupid game again - mb look fun and ok for pub gamers but in pro scene you play own or you dont play at all ----------------------- btw i think lol players are now more familiar with "dota2" map than any dota player
      • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
        Would you care to elaborate why LoL players are more familiar with the Dota2 map than dota2 players?! That statement doesnt make any sense at all to me. And i disagree with your statement about "this bullshit model of e-sports" - while there are a lot of things "traditional sport" and "e-sport" have in common, there are also notable and also iconografic differences. I could argue, for example, that the rigid focus on fitness/ perfectionism with your own body, that goes along with a lot of the traditional sports isnt nearly as represented in "e-sports". On the other hand - beeing a succesful e-sports player will allways require of a person that you must have an ability to adept to new content and changes. Both my examples come, at least that is what i believe, from the nature/structure of the represented games genres. So if you whine about why E-sports athlets must have the ability to adapt/change, from my perspective it is like crying that to become a Sprinter for the Olympics, you must be fast!
      • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
        professional gaming is at its best. 14 years ago counter strike was as big as any game may gets, yet it is impossible for players to make a living. Look at where we at now? Valve is really contributing to the community and makes it a win-win situation. Change is what makes dota fun. TI6 looks good and balanced, then it almost gets boring at Boston Major because people get so use to the version. Most players can adapt changes, everyone is on same page. Don't you miss the hype when tiny-wisp combo first brought up in TI2? You dont see these things anymore, people are getting this game so figured out..
    • Eyvindur "Eyvindur" Kukason ,
      I like valve mostly because they don't ignore the community and actually enable the community to make a difference or even make money. Most of what they do is build ways for interested community members (or slaves) to make something that others will like and complement dota as a whole, which will inevitably make money for valve in the process. It is genius, capitalizing on others' ingenuity is pure genius and I only hope more will do the same! I should probably ask: why do you think VALVE negotiated with purge and day9? these egotistical lazy-ass gamer personalities only do what they want and enjoy doing (Kappa) Also, 7.00 will probably appeal to wider audiences for sure, but I am still very skeptical in valve's ability to so much as do a proper job keeping the game stable. But I do talk out of turn, this version hasn't been up for long. But these bugs and instabilities actually break pro-play, even randomly targeting pro players and reducing their ability to compete for no reason. I don't see this in other games, but all too often in dota (maybe it's just because I watch so much dota?)


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