Evil Geniuses demolish Virtus.pro to reach the Boston Major semifinals

Dota 2 Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

The first of four games on Day Three of The Boston Major would see Virtus.pro going head-to-head with Evil Geniuses. Even though both teams were being considered favourites to take the tournament, only one would survive the series.


Game One

In the first ten minutes EG looked to be in control of the game as they were able to claim an Aegis and keep their towers healed up with the Treant Protector, controlled by Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen. To get map control, VP had to utilise ultimate abilities and a full five man team, but EG were ready to answer as the first team fight went completely in their favor.

Just prior to eighteen minutes, VP looked to take a fight with a quick engage, but EG shut them down, not losing anyone and taking down four from the Radiant lineup. Within a minute of this happening, VP called GG gifting an easy nineteen minute victory to EG in game one.

Game Two

Before the horn had sounded, EG had taken first blood, dropping the Doom from VP's lineup. EG continued their dominance as they picked up another kill before four minutes had passed and looked to control the map with their support combo. With eleven minutes passed, EG were 6-0 on the scoreboard and looked set to take the series.

With the next ten minutes, VP managed to stem the bleed a little. They dropped some towers in their favor and claimed a few kills, too. While still in EG’s favor, the game hung in balance. Neither team wanted to make an error that could cause the other to take a game winning advantage.

VP suddenly looked to be playing with the cohesion they were lacking earlier in game two and throughout game one, but it was a little too late. The game swung back and forth for a while, with both teams taking fights but neither able to outright win the game. With fifty minutes passed, VP went for the “hail Mary” buyout by getting a Divine Rapier on Sniper, played by Vladimir 'NoOne' Minenko. But it turned out to be their downfall as he almost instantly killed himself to a clever Blademail pick by Syed 'SumaiL' Sumail's Alchemist, and this spelled the end for VP as they called GG.

With that, EG move forward to face the winner of the next series of the day, OG versus WG Unity, while sadly it is the end of VP's time at The Boston Major.


Are EG set to take home the Boston Major title?

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Thank you for voting!
Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams
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  • hadi "artoor0098" ghalami ,
    #bleed blue
  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    Was that me who said EG's goin to loose vs Wings and disband afterwards?! There are so mutch things to be said about this series ... First of all, i do thing EG winning game 2 actually came down to EG outplaying VP in my opinion. I think it was allready kind of showing in the lategame, that EG had no way of getting Aegis/cheese and started coming out on bottom in the teamfights. EG's quadrouple buyback on VP's last push with sumail sacrificing himself for the aegis at the start was pure brilliance. I also kinda noticable that VP kinda got a little nervous with things like random BKB pop on ramzes for example. On on to EG - i really didnt like their draft in game one, but they called VP with their pants down. Not sure, but maybe nerves came into play there aswell allready on VP'send?? Game 2 - there is so much to say about what went right for EG but for me, on of the highlights is Arteezy's performance. On EG's draft, it is rare to see him play more of a complicatory Hero to Sumail. It was a pleasant suprise to see they finally switch up and he did a very good job on his mirana imo. And the second one - ofc. - Sumail. Now i dont want to turn this in the "who is the best mid in the world" discussion, but for me, when Sumail playes at his best, reaches his "ultimate form" he is the scariest player of all.
    • Ashhad "a.s.h.h.a.d" Shabbir ,
      I want to add 2 things here. 1. Sumail was out of his mind. He played splendid and that gave EG an edge over VP. 2. CIS teams are quite known for their immediate collapse or whatever we call it choking. In game 2 VP were taking command as the game was progressing. They were ahead they forced them 4 buyback on the breach of their highground yet Non-one purchased Rapier on SP it still was not that bad if they would've played little composed their at the end but having no buyback and Rapier in the slots of SP they played little over careless style cost them the game and again I would like to praise EG for their call as they immediately went on to counter attack without waiting much and yes SUMAIL's BLADEMAIL pickup was one of the brilliant move.
  • James "Yared" A ,
    People should never jinx a CIS team too early. ^_^ After I got my EG over Wings hunch correctly, I feared that VP will lose. Drawing from the fact that Wings, and recently VP, thrived in this meta. This patch relies on stomps and aggression, so the key here is defense. NA teams definitely have brilliant coaches who offload research tasks. LOH said that CIS teams get complacent when they get confident. Rarely do we see three games and exciting close games. And I think this is why Dota 2 is losing some of its players. Better lose close games because it satisfies the experience.
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    I kinda agree with Chang.I called EG out vs Wings already and VP did look a lot stronger than EG.But they adjusted there drafts brilliantly and kept there opponent guessing.I won't say Sumails the best mids but his alche's most prob top 3 at the moment.The way he out smarted Sniper was ingenious.VP went full on push taking towers.EG didn't fall for there trap.Kept there cool and defended high ground like a baws.I am not gonna call that EG wins Boston as there's a lot of strong teams left.(WG being most prob one of the scariest and would be great if they take this)but they do deserve being here after the horrible group stages. PS.EG was never one of the favorites to win this tournament.There performance before this was mediocre at best :D.Cr1t's got so much to learn but who better to teach him than Fear and Universe :P
    • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
      Can you whore just stop your shit talking pls?
  • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
    VP is still good, its just an unlucky draw for them, look at who all the other first placers from the group played in quarters, I think EG is easily the strongest, VP has a lot to learn but they will only get better, I think game 2 was easily their's and they just panicked cos no-one used his bb, dont think he shouldve bought rapier, they were technically still ahead at that point cos eg just used 4 bb's, its only natural that this young team cracked under pressure against one of the best in the world, WP to EG though, they are looking really good from both a draft perspective and playstyle
  • alvin "darkness3898" lim ,
    If EG actually wins this whole thing, they have overcome the toughest opponents for their run in Boston majors. Seems impressive
  • Kelvin "lordkelvin13" Madria ,
    Game 1 they VP were outdrafted. Game 2 VP were outplayed. That surprise blademail against rapier is one of the best highlight
  • Bian "HighFlyingWings" Deng ,
    After group stage I saw VP as the favorite in this tournament and predicted Wings would beat EG in the first round. However EG responded by shaking off the rust they had shown in group stage and beat Wings 2-0, while VP struggled a bit against iG.V in game 2. VP gave up quite early in Game 1, which is not necessarily a surprise considering their even earlier gg against OG in TS6...A Chinese caster in TS6 commented that "You wanna beat VP, you better get them early. If they got off to a rough start in the early game, they would still seek teamfight, and hope they could regain the momentum with successful teamfight. If you build item edge early and continue to win teamfights, they may just call it." They made an exception with an Io-Drow lineup against Newbee in group stage, but for most times this team is teamfight-reliant. EG did it, they beat them early, SumaiL destroyed them, Arteezy found the balance between farming pushing and teamfight, Zai made a lot of clutch plays, cr1t secures the tower and, along with Universe, contained Lifestealer with the immunity-ignoring controls. In Game 2 EG ran a carry POM and Universe Timbersaw which are not seen very often, and SumaiL's GA was so clutch when he dropped Radiance for Blade Mail. Also very importantly SD got the disruption on Sniper in the final battle. It was really a close game with many interesting item selections, showing those masterminds' great understanding of this game and the situation. Best wishes to EG against OG!


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