WESG opens national qualifiers for all European and CIS countries

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The exciting $1.5M prize pool Dota 2 tournament organized by StarLadder and ImbaTV opens its doors for European and CIS regional qualifiers where 20 national teams will qualify for regional LAN finals.

The 20 teams qualified for Regional LAN finals will travel to Kiev, Ukraine to compete for the $75,000 prize pool up for grabs for this stage, as well as one of the eight tickets available to the WESG Global Grand Finals that will be held in December in Shanghai, China. Keep in mind that only a full five man roster from the same country is eligible to sign up for national qualifiers.

While some of the European countries have their own qualifiers, others have been grouped together in several sub regions:

Sub regions Sign up dates and links Countries Spots

UK, Ireland and Iceland

19 Aug-09 Sep

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Iceland


Northern Europe and Post CIS

19 Aug - 07 Sep

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova


South-Eastern Europe

19 Aug - 02 Sep

Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Israel



19 Aug - 12 Sep

Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands


Central Europe

19 Aug - 05 Sep

Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Vatican



19 Aug - 01 Sep

 Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo



19 Aug - 04 Sep

 Spain, Portugal, Andorra


France and Monaco

19 Aug - 03 Sep   1


19 Aug - 13 Sep   1
Poland 19 Aug -15 Sep   1
Sweden 19 Aug - 06 Sep   2
Germany 19 Aug - 10 Sep   2
Russia 19 Aug - 08 Sep   2
Denmark 19 Aug - 11 Sep   2
Ukraine 19 Aug - 14 Sep   2


Kiev Regional LAN Finals prize pool distribution

1st place: ¥200,000 (~ $30,000)
2nd place: ¥120,000 (~ $18,000)
3rd place: ¥60,000 (~ $9,000)
4th place: ¥40,000 (~ $6,000)
5th place: ¥20,000 (~ $3,000)
6th place: ¥20,000 (~ $3,000)
7th place: ¥20,000 (~ $3,000)
8th place: ¥20,000 (~ $3,000)


What do you think of WESG’s national teams concept ?

It’s an opportunity for all countries to get a taste of the competitive scene
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The eSports scene doesn’t need to follow the beaten path of conventional sports
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  • Antivirus "lsdstoned" North ,
    Prize pool race is so going on
  • Ilja "Pu3Ho" Brr ,
    Absolutely stupid system, since greece/Finland is participating those "organizers" can just give trophy to Ad Finem or Finstack w/o any tournament.


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