Escape Gaming claim the sixteenth spot at TI6

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The final game of the Wild Card bracket saw a match-up between Execration and Escape Gaming, with one team awarded a spot in The International 6 group stages and the other sent home.

Game One

First blood fell quickly going the way of Execration (XctN), just more than a minute after the start of the game. With six minutes gone, XctN found themselves in a great position, three kills up on Escape Gaming (ESC) with a tower in their favour. By ten minutes, Execration had furthered their lead with the score line sitting at 6-1. XctN were looking very strong, putting pressure on all lanes and dropping very aggressive wards. But ESC made their way back into the game as a fight broke out around Rosh pit.

Soon after, ESC managed to completely wipe XctN as they fought around the Rosh pit again. After that, they claimed the bot lane tier one and took the advantage in the game. With twenty two minutes passed and a sufficient lead, ESC headed into the Rosh pit and claimed the game’s first aegis followed by a tier two tower in the top lane. However, as ESC went high ground in the bot lane, XctN managed to pull out a great fight and defended their barracks. A few minutes later, ESC showed their advantage again as they dropped four from the Dire’s line up.

ESC dropped into the Rosh pit and claimed their second aegis, looking ready to go high ground again. They proceeded to take down the barracks in the top lane just before forty four minutes, leaving XctN in a very tough situation as they smoked up in an attempt to come back into the game.

Their smoke failed and ESC pushed down mid. XCTN threw in the towel, giving ESC game one of the series.

Game Two

A very aggressive start from ESC would see Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu's Huskar push XctN’s Timbersaw out of mid lane very early on, before claiming first blood just before five minutes. With just over ten minutes gone, ESC had a 5-0 lead and definitely had complete control of the game. A few minutes later ESC claimed the first aegis of the game and continued to push their advantage as they pushed down the tier two bot tower. Without any fear, ESC continued their push as they dropped the Dire’s bottom barracks before fifteen minutes had passed. With that advantage, ESC dropped the mid barracks as well and moved to the top lane.

Unfortunately for XctN they were unable to find any way to come back into the game and they had to tap out, meaning that their time at TI6 would not come, even after solid performances and eliminating compLexity. Execration definitely proved their worth, even though they have been eliminated, and their players have a very promising future in the DotA 2 competitive scene.

On the other hand Escape Gaming find themselves in the group stages of The International 6, placed in group A and ready for the games coming their way tomorrow.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Best of 1


GosuGamers will continue to follow the adventures of Escape Gaming throughout their ESCapades at TI6, along with all of the other action from the group stages. Later on today, we will bring you exclusive footage from Escape's media day in Seattle along with the first batch of #AskEscape answers.

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Is this as far as syndereN and his boys progress?

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  • fuck "pinoyshit" pinoy ,
    xctn down, tnc next FeelsGoodMan
    • Mark louse "morescodes" Lorenzo ,
      hater be like oh wait! hater not even on pro scene feels"meh"man!
      • fuck "pinoyshit" pinoy ,
        lmao typical pinoy retard logic, pinoy team lose = "you are not on pro scene" BrokeBack
      • anonaman "apatdapat" pakemo ,
        do not feed the troll bruh. no point in arguing with immature kids. he's pretty much dedicated towards his hate to pinoys for a long time already. it's pointless talking with those kind of people. i guess his feelings got hurt a long time ago lul
        • fuck "pinoyshit" pinoy ,
          lmfao! hahahaah, did you see that ZERO kills from xctn? 18mins GG? ROFL thats funny xd
        • Mark louse "morescodes" Lorenzo ,
          you're right. i should have thought of that earlier and the fact that this guy is a pinoy himself, he is worse than a retard logic as an individual not as a pinoy in general, just him LOL! trolls be like "ignored moving forward"
    • liquid "wanzmor" guy ,
      I enjoy more the fact that CoL is out. Is Swindlez retiring now? cause they only made a cameo at TI6.
    • Wyrlo "whackamole" Gozo ,
      Saw this thing before and didnt comment because you were probably right, but man.. How tnc destroyed OG made you so wrong. GGWP
  • Slurp "slurp778" slurp ,
    Initially we'd like to pour out the BRA7-1L jokes but we failed 4Head
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    GG Boyz.I would much rather see fresh blood than Col that goes to TI every time and just fall apart


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