The International 6 prize pool hits $18 million

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The most prestigious event in the eSports Scene, The International 6 will be the landmark to conquer for pro players and the teams they represent, and the community makes it a thousand times better and then some. Literally 1025% better, with the prize pool reaching the astonising sum of $18m. And there is room to grow even higher.

Every year Valve is setting and breaking records with community help, with the rewards earned passed back to the fans by increasing the Compendium level. Being free to play does not translate into a neglected game, and the Dota 2 community proves it. With every hero set more polished than the last, and the rewards coming three levels at a time, it is no surprise when millions want to buy the Compendium. And we can see in the prize pool chart, $4,000 were added in the space of just one hour, going toward making it the biggest prize pool in eSports history.

If last year, $18 millions were raised in 95 days, this year the same amount of money was cumulated in only 62 days, the community managing to establish a new record. With only 25% of the incomes going to the awards, Valve managed to generate approximate $49 million just for themselves.

image source: prizetrac.kr

There were four big spikes in the ever growing TI6 prize pool: The release of the Immortal Treasure 1 and 2, Collector's Cache and the weekend sale for the Battle Level Bundle.

Immortal Treasure 3 its waiting to be released and then it is inevitable that another spike will be seen on the chart, and another million raised in a couple of days, if the trend set by treasures 1 and 2 continues. Until then, we are all expecting the pool to surpass last year's total of $18,429,613, when every Battle Pass owner will be granted with three 'Trust of the Benefactor' treasure rewards. Each of these new treasures will offer a chance to receive a 2016 Immortal Treasure, a Random Hero Set, an Arcana Set, or an ultra rare chance at one of the limited-run prizes.

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  • Francesco "Quinkerros" Vértiz Pérez ,
    Daniela, why you hide your face? :3
  • confidential "asking" confidential ,
    correct my math if i'm wrong . 25% goes to compendium which is 18.000.000 - 1.6000.000 = 16.400.000 , Total compendium sales 16.400.000*4 = 65.600.000 . 75 % of 65.600.000 , 65.600.000 - 16.400.000 = 49.200.000 . Valve to date manage to bag 49.200.000 for themselves instead of 71.000.000 am i correct ?
  • Akimb "Akimb" Akimbas ,
    From this kind of income from the International alone, one would expect Valve to be one of the most profitable gaming companies, but https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-25-companies-game-revenues/ here Valve is not even in the top 20..
    • Brandon "Honey-Badger" Lyons ,
      Valve is a multi-billion dollar company, putting them somewhere around rank 4-5 on that list. But it's privately owned, meaning there isn't an official exact value for the company. So that's why they aren't on the list.


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