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After saying goodbye to Team Secret in the Epicenter event, we found out if VP would utilise their home field advantage and breeze through the lower bracket or if coL would stop the Russians and send them packing.

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Game One 

The first five minutes of the game were rather slow; Virtus.Pro rotated their supports around, attempting to find some kills, but to no avail. First blood fell just before six minutes, going the way of compLexity Gaming, but the Dire side replied with a double kill on Clinkz in the top lane. By ten minutes VP held the advantage with a score of 5-3 but without their mid tower. Even with a few lost fights, the Radiant had taken down all three of the Dire’s tier one towers within fifteen minutes with no reply from VP.

Although VP took the first Roshan of the game, they made an error and the aegis was snatched by coL who then took down four of VP and pushed down the tier two mid tower. VP quickly made up for their earlier error, however, and took down all five heroes from coL, burning through the stolen aegis on the DK. Twenty-five minutes in, coL still had more map control, and once they dropped the final tier two tower they proceeded to take the mid barracks.

VP managed to secure the second Roshan but lost two on the back of this and gave coL the opening to go high ground again. The game continued with a general back and forth, with coL having the advantage but VP defending as best they could. By forty minutes the score was 21-21 but the Radiant side still had their mid tier one standing and looked more likely to take the game with the mid barracks being down. CoL continued the pressure and pushed the tier three bot tower while cleaning the VP lineup, forcing the GG call and giving them game one of the series.

Game Two

Game two of the series would see VP fighting to keep their hopes alive at Epicenter while coL looked to close out the series and proceed into the next round. Much like game one, first blood only fell close to the five minute point and was traded back soon after. This game seemed a lot closer in the early stages, with both teams having pushed down a single tier one tower and the scores rather even. But just before the ten minute mark, VP lost two at the mid tower and consequently lost the tower as well. However, the home team wouldn't give up so easily and soon after completely wiped coL, only losing their carry in the process.

At the fifteen minute point, VP five-man smoked and headed toward top lane, where the entire Radiant team was. Once again, VP completely destroyed coL and only lost one in return. This gave them a massive advantage in the game, taking the score to 14-8 in the Dire’s favour. VP looked like a different team than they did in game one, playing off each other really well and taking team fights and objectives across the map. Before twenty five minutes had even come close, VP dominated coL and forced the GG with ease, taking the series into a decisive game three.

Game Three

A much quicker start to this game saw first blood going VP’s way prior to the three minute mark. The first big team fight broke out just before sixteen minutes and showed the power of coL’s lineup. When VP thought they had a quick pickoff, coL came in and wiped the Dire team, giving the Radiant map control.

CoL made their way into the Rosh pit and claimed an uncontested aegis, beginning to look unstoppable. The Radiant side slowed the game down, pushing slowly but not eager to push the high ground. VP found two kills to give them a small advantage but these kills didn’t really change the shape of the game. Following this coL again showed that they were too strong and killed off three of VP to claim another aegis.

The Radiant side went top and dropped the barracks along with a few of VP’s heroes, but once again backed out without losing any and waited for their abilities to come out of cooldown. VP’s Medusa picked up a rapier just before fifty minutes, and it seemed as though they were finally looking to fight instead of passively playing like the rest of the game. A massive fight occurred as coL went high ground and VP managed to protect their base, even with five buybacks expended. The Dire side suddenly realized that they needed to take some objectives and looked to push out a little but to no avail.

Sixty minutes were almost gone when coL pushed into the Dire base and forced out the GG from VP. Unfortunately this means that VP will be leaving the tournament while compLexity Gaming moves on into the next round to face their American counterparts, EG.


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Which American team will advance tomorrow?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    No Offense but TS lost and you Straight forward write a low down shit article...CoL beat VP a trash team and you write this?Seriously stop being dicks ffs.At least act professional...Go look on Join dota and see the difference being biased just make you look like assholes...
  • Arya "saInT_oF_dEaTh" Kumar ,
    WOW....how biased and side taker can you guys be man. It took one second for you guys to write such a big article for an american team and TS but when other teams like Newbee does amazing You guys go blind. This is freaking amazing how much blind you go. I remember I called out to GG.net when all the winners of the "Best Of The Year" was done and most were EG. This is an american based site, right.....??????
  • Hassan "Imnotgonnawin" Jamal ,
    Seriously Im Fucking Done with this Biased Site Always Write Articles about EG COL Liquid But when it comes to Chinese They Wont Say shit Fucking Biased Gg.net was sleeping When Newbee Was crushing every one in first day ....
  • justin "justiins" CC ,
    Are you guys blind are just stupid morons??? There is article about Newbee, but why should GG.net write about them now when they are in Lower brackets ?
  • "DELETED-USER-1538164947" ,
    What the hell do you all have a problem with o.O
    • Bence "MeltingSnow" Pesenyánszki ,
      They follow Clariska and think he's some kind of authority, so they copy his opinion. x) I also don't get it. Also, kids can't imagine what running a site is actually like. Many times you only have 1 writer who writes about upper bracket events and you wait a few days til someone else comes online who can cover the rest, if its still actual. I'm pretty sure GGnet would gladly cover every match played in a big event like this, and would love if people actually read that much. Its more difficult in practice.
  • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
    well CoL 2-0 EG as well, I guess this meta just suits them, thought VP played ok but need better synergy, some of the best talent in CIS
    • Bence "MeltingSnow" Pesenyánszki ,
      Yeah, CoL is doing it, they've been there for a while! About VP: Meh, fuck that, trash team they became. I don't see any possible argumentable reason for breaking up their previous roster with LiL and DkPhobos, which was a world-class roster, constant top5 for as long as a year or so. I used to be a fan, and I'm mad they broke my favorite team. They're apparently still good enough to beat Secret, but we shouldn't consider that a big deal I think. I still haven't seen proof how ALOHADANCE would play a better support than LiL, but I also heard that he's cocky and bm. Also heard something similar about NoFear (or Fn- ? maybe it wasn't him, but one of the two). Even less from my sympathy to them.


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