Captains Draft 3.0: Unconventional heroes? EG still takes first place

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Team Evil Geniuses have continued their dominant 12 months with a victory in the Captains Draft 3.0. EG defeated Vega Squadron with a dominant 3-1 performance in the finals.

With their victory, EG takes the first place and $35,000 of the base prize pool whilst Vega will have to settle for the second place prize of $23,000. 

Upper Bracket

Round 2 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket


Best of 5

Game one

Game one started with an exceptionally strong pool of heroes available to the teams. Tier-one’s fell for both teams by the five-minute mark but Evil Geniuses were able to obtain gold and XP far more efficiently from the map - thanks to some well-balanced lanes - and Artour Arteezy Babaev’s ability to farm in the Dire jungle. However, a series of well-executed team fights coming from early pick-offs of Syed ‘Suma1LHassan and Arteezy allowed Vega Squadron to take a small lead over EG as the mid-game arrived. The small lead was nullified after a strategic misstep by Vega, deciding to take Rosh in an attempt to deny it from Arteezy’s Ursa. This resulted in the loss of a major team fight and Vega's tier two bottom tower. From the momentum of Vega's failed Hail-Mary Rosh play at 34 mins, EG snowballed from this small win and achieved an overwhelming victory over Vega.

Game two

Game two started with a much more difficult drafting round, both teams struggled to build a fully rounded line-up from the pool of heroes available to them. Arteezy’s Medusa survived multiple gank attempts in mid thanks to some clever positioning and a sick use of the Iron-Branch’s tree spawn active to block pathing in the trees. The two teams jostled back and forth, with Vega trading multiple pick-offs for occasional team fight going in EG’s favour. Eventually though, Vega lost ground to clutch plays and the massive damage amp coming from Sumail on the Slardar and were eventually taken down.

Game three

Vega Squadron turned things around in game three in response to a bizarre draft from EG. Although EG were able to pick up the Earth-Spirit and some nice staple’s like Dazzle and Beast-Master, Vega came to the table with a more well-rounded line-up and were able to take control of the game early. EG fought back hard with some next level Terror Blade rat plays but simply were not able to overcome the 20 kill lead Vega had built up and were eventually taken out.

Game four

The final match saw the drafting tables turn on Vega who ended up with a highly unconventional hero line-up; Vega came onto the map with what seemed like a line-up of four supports and a Spectre. Their core Earth Shaker was zoned out of mid lane for the first few minutes which gave Sumail the space he needed for his Ember-Spirit to get rolling. This was the story for the remainder of the match, Vega’s core shaker simply never coming online, and Spectre not being able to carry the team on her own. Vega put up a sterling high ground defence, but before they knew it EG had taken the ancient and closed out the series 3-1.

After the conclusion of this tournament, Vega will be dropping off the radar in major tournaments for the next few weeks, having missed out on a ticket to ESL Manila after losing to Na’Vi in the qualifiers. The next time EG will be seen on display is at the Shanghai majors in a weeks’ time.

Base price pool distribution taken from prizetrac.kr at the time of publishing 


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