New Dota 2 features with the Winter Battle Pass release

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One month ahead of Shanghai Major, Valve introduces us to the Winter Battle Pass, basically a bundle with a few new features and the Winter Compendium that comes with quest lines, a wagering system, top notch treasures and a winter season map.

Similar to the Fall Compendium, the Winter season one has a multiple ways to be leveled up but all of them have been reworked.

Choose Your Path

The daily quests are now designed to suit all player styles; support, carry and solo mid. Each quest line will reward you with an item set according to your option, but keep in mind that you can complete all three paths. Even more so, you can change your selection during the picking phase depending on what the team is in need of.

Winter Wagering

The wagering system is quite similar to the Fall Season one; each week you get 1,000 tokens to bet on your games. Victories will double your wagered amount and you can convert tokens into battle points to level up your Battle Pass.

What changed is the fact that you may now tip a player for his effort. If you win a game, after the enemy Ancient is destroyed you can reward either one of your teammates or an enemy player. 

Three months trading ban is no more

As you level up your Battle Pass you will receive treasures containing items sets but what’s more important is that Valve decided to lift the three months trade ban for the items gained via Battle Pass treasures. With the levels growing you will also receive a winter season courier, frozen effigies, special in game effects for Euls Scepter, Forcestaff, blink, teleport and fountain healing. Also, Venomancer and Undying received a taunt that you can get via level up.

Conduct Summary

Winter Battle Pass brings a feature that we all were waiting for, for a long time. The Conduct Summary will now tell how many abandons, reports, and commends you received in your past 25 games. The conduct summary updates itself every other 10 games, or immediately after you received a low-priority penalty.

Inside the Shanghai Major Compendium you will find short recaps of the games played in the tournament, the full English, Russian and Chinese talent desk and - soon to come - teams attending the event's profiles.

The Winter Battle Pass costs $7,99 and can be purchased from here.

Source: dota2.com

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  • Jem "dr3amcatch3r" Julz ,
  • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
    aright then, Valve is copying the books of EA and lifting the sanction on trading ban....... ah ok then, I can already see people complaining about this especially people who plays other games which is included in the community market; They literally killed the market when they implemented the trading sanction and now they are trying to capitalize on it, Valve is so greedy.
    • Jem "dr3amcatch3r" Julz ,
      not totally bro. It will also have a positive effect on the market. They only lifted the training ban for items you get from the the Battle Pass. So rather than waiting 3 months before it can be traded (which will have a lower value), this time it can be traded right away and not only you but your friends can enjoy it too without waiting 3 months. Overall its not a bad move, although i got your point also.
    • Tanawat "fides5566" Phadungkiatsakun ,
      Can't blame Valve, imo. Market makes item's value drop really quick and hurt the sell a lot. And LMAO about Valve being greedy. Do realize what other company do? HoS and LoL can't even trade from the begin with and have to buy heroes in order to play. Are those better? Valve is the most generous out here, though they're not perfect.
  • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
    yeah Valve is still very tame on these terms, I just don't like the way they handle the community market as if they're not earning so much from those taxes; Just look at the Skyrim modding issue, Valve tried to monetize Skyrim mods thinking that it would help the developers but nope there so much backlash from the community that Valve had to rethink their terms. I imagine same thing would happen here if this goes out of hand
    • Tanawat "fides5566" Phadungkiatsakun ,
      For mod thing, I really like Valve approach. People fail to know that modding need a lot of afford to make and a lot of people don't even bother mod a game because they can't make money out of it. If they can who know how many amazing mods we will get. It encourages good mods to be made. People are too spoiled in that department imo. They want free stuffs while doing nothing but complain. Also, it doesn't mean there won't be free mods anymore. Only really good mods will dare to set a price.
      • Jon "JLB" Barak ,
        I think the idea is good, but they chose a game that already has a huge modding community, which means a lot of mods that can be stolen. Basically, the Skyrim modding community is the Wild West, and it would be much easier for VALVe to do this with a smaller game, so that people won't have any mods to steal, and moderating what mods go in will be much easier, since Skyrim is honestly too big for VALVe to handle, unless they want to hire some interns or something who's only job is to moderate mods and see if they already exist. They already took WAY too much of the revenue, even for VALVe. Of course, it is their platform, and VALVe is known for taking moeny from other people's work, but they really pushed it this time. I expected them taking 40-50%, not 75%.
        • Tanawat "fides5566" Phadungkiatsakun ,
          75% is splited between Valve and Bethesda, which is understandable imo. And there has to be someone who do the screening anyway, you can't make a system like that run automatically. But what ever, what's done is done.
          • Jon "JLB" Barak ,
            No, no, no. 75% was split between VALVe and VALVe. The other 25% was split between Bethesda and the modder. If Bethesda wated, though, they could give the modders nothing. Also, if the mod didn't make enough money, VALVe took 100%.
  • Samuel "samucsm" San Martin ,
    WOW, the comment section is so polite and intelligent. keep it up guys!


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