The Summit 4: EG in the finals, Mineski and DC first to get eliminated

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First two eliminated teams from The Summit 4 along with the first finalists have been decided. Three more teams will follow Mineski’s and Digital Chaos’s fate today.

Day three started with Mineski facing Virtus.Pro in the first elimination best-of-three series. Having to play without their drafter and Captain Jay 'Bimbo' Qui, Mineski clearly lacked cohesion and they lost to a dominating performance from the Russians.

First game of the series was a Broodmother show. With a ten minutes Orchid, Alexandr 'DKphobos' Kucherya pretty much won the game by himself with continuous tower pushes and enemy pickoffs that forced Mineski to spam the Teleport Scrolls in their desperate and futile attempt to catch the annoying Spider mama.

The next game series offered another interesting starting set up with a mid lane duel between Ursa (Kuku Carlo 'KuKU' Palad) and Alchemist (Sergey 'G' Bragin).  A perfect start for the Alchemist who secured both first spawn of the bounty runes already put Virtus.Pro in the lead. But the MVP of the game was Ilya 'Lil' lyuk on his feared Rubick.

Benefitting from pretty much all the enemy spells, Lil was continuously Charging, Stunning, Swapping which created a lot of chaos and opened crucial opportunities for his team.

A much more resilient team was Digital Chaos who put a lot of effort in their elimination series to stay alive in the tournament. And they were quite close to upset LaNm’s team, EHOME.

The recent 1437 addition to the DC roster seems to already impact in a good way the NA team who had a great first game. But the second match was a total disaster for them as Zhiyong 'oldchicken' Wang got to play a perfect Windranger. It seemed like every Shackleshot latched and that helped immensely in overwhelming DC from the very early stages of the game. After only 20 minutes oldchicken had 12-0-10 K/D/A and forced DC to call out the GG at the first high ground push attempt from EHOME.

Last game of the series was a completely different story for the NA team. Although they ended up getting eliminated from The Summit 4, DC put a hell of a fight and they were extremely close to actually produce the upset.

It’s for the first time since their creation, when DC has shown a tremendous team effort and really good coordination in team fights. They head great opportunities due to two Roshan pit fights that could have won them the series but luckily for EHOME one of the most crucial Aegis for DC was stolen by eLeVeN which stooped DC’s momentum and prevented them to make a successful high ground push. With blood in the water, EHOME immediately  grabbed their chance with both hands and  began the counter push which secured them one lane of Barracks.

Although EHOME was with the top lane fully exposed due to Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling’s Shadow Shaman split push, they made a winning game call to contest a last DC Roshan attempt at the 43 minute mark. After the Rosh pit bloodbath Digital Chaos was left with no buybacks and lost the game the next minute after EHOME secured the Aegis and the Cheese.

In the upper bracket final, Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses disputed their grand final spot and it was done in a fast and precise manner.

SumaiL showcased yet again his incredible plays on Queen of Pain and only 14 minutes into the first game he was on a beyond godlike streak which allowed him to finish the Scythe of Vyse at the 20 minute mark. The first high ground push of Evil Geniuses brought the first game victory with ease for the Boys in Blue.

An overconfident RTZ, ppd and Fear trilane forced a few tier one dives in the second game and managed to feed BurNIng’s Silencer and Super’s Shadow Fiend from the early laning phase.

SumaiL’s Invoker faded fast in front of the fat Silencer and had almost no impact in the game. Once Fy hit level six on Ancient Apparition the game became too easy for VG who pushed the hostilities into a decisive game three.

The last game of the day escalated quickly in EG’s favor who put SumaiL on Alchemist mid lane and made sure RTZ will get his Gyrocopter ready to team fight extremely fast. Only 22 minutes were needed for EG to reach the high ground and in one single attempt they forced the GG call from Vici Gaming and secured a nice relaxing day four at The Summit 4.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket


Today’s Schedule:

In the penultimate day of the Summit 4 three teams will leave the competition as only lower bracket games will be played.

19:00 CET Team Liquid vs Virtus.Pro
22:30 CET OG vs EHOME
02:00 CET TBD vs TBD


Will OG repeat the Lower Bracket performance from the Fall Major ?

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Thank you for voting!
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