Team Secret - special guests at Malaysia Cyber Games Festival

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 23 November 2015 13:48

On the last day of the Malaysia Cyber Games LAN event, December 13th Team Secret will make a special appearance at the Negara KL Stadium for a 10 vs 10 show match where the audience will get a chance to play with their idols.

Malaysia Cyber Games is the first gaming festival held in Malaysia with the sole purpose of promoting the gaming talent in the country. The winning team of the DotA 2 tournament will be financially supported by the government to continue their gaming careers and represent the country in all DotA 2 competitions.

Held at the Negara Stadium in Kuala Lumpur between 11-13th of December, the Malaysia Cyber Games festival features a RM 300,000 price pool and open qualifiers. For the Peninsular Malaysia region qualifier stage starts at the end of this week, 28th-29th of November. More information can be found here.

On the last day of the main event, starting from 10AM to 11AM, local time, Team Secret will participate in a 10 vs 10 Show Match. Apart from the regular signing session, Secret fans with SVIP tickets will have the benefit of a private meet and greet session with the team in the player lounge at the venue. Tickets can be bought from here.


Prize pool distribution:
1st place: RM 125,000
2nd place: RM 50,000
3rd-4th place: RM 10,000
5th-8th place: RM 1,250

source:, Puppy's facebook page


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