Valve releases 59 pages stats to teams after alleged leak

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Earlier today Valve sent all teams participating in The International a 60-page pdf filled with statistics on all the participating teams including draft-breakdowns, specific itemization patterns and even warding patterns. While this came as a welcome surprise to many teams, several other teams were unhappy with these statistics being sent out to all teams.

It must be stated that this huge flow of incoming data specifically benefits teams without full-time coaches and/or data analysts. At this time, it is still unclear as to why Valve decided to make this information public to all the participating teams. Arteezy from Team Secret already displayed his displeasure with the disclosure of such big amount of data regarding his team. According to him, a caster shared all this intel with all the participants when it was supposed to be kept in private for casters and analysts.

While this remains unconfirmed, GosuGamers has acquired this document and has already reached out to Valve in regards to why this document was shared with all the teams.

Despite Arteezy’s apparent disdain, some teams have stated that this information won’t have a huge impact. They have already cleared that they will only need small adjustments regarding their conventional gameplay.

That being said, some specifics about the document certainly gives specific teams insights that potentially they were unable to have before. Contenders such as compLexity or MVP.Hot6 consistently relied on early-game dominance to win their games, something that requires much more map control than other teams usually demand. In this regard, the warding spots displayed definitely broadens their knowledge about other participants.

Below contains an example of some of the stats provided on the teams. This information contains talking points about the teams, itemization preferences on certain heroes, even percentage breakdowns of the teams laning setups. Pictured below is images taken from the document about Team CDEC:




Some interesting stats from the document includes:
Funn1k is the most farmed offlaner attending TI. Taking more than 20% of the team’s total gold.
EG presents the largest discrepancy between the most farmed player (SumaiL - with 27%) and the least farmed player (PPD - with barely 12% of the team’s total gold).
Cloud 9 has a stunning 68% win rate when dual laning their hard lane.  
Team Secret presents one of the most interesting support duos: Puppey gets more than double the cs of KuroKy while KuroKy gets twice the amounts of kills, resulting in a slim 2% of the total gold breach between them.

Download the pdf here

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