Akke annoyed by pro's public rants about organisers

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 "Most things can be solved privately without unnecessary drama, but with that said there are of course exceptions. If you don’t get listened to, going public is often a good way to get attention. I hope you guys get my point," said Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall in his blog after recovering from a sickness post ESL One Frankfurt 2015.

Akke stated that the tournament (ESL One) was really well organised and they made some improvements from last year, like "the lack of practice PC's from last year. ESL also took into account what the players and the fans think is the best way to improve."

Akke mentioned that he is annoyed by professional players publicly ranting about tournaments on Twitter because they weren't provided with specific stuff. 

"...multiple players tweeted out how bad the first hotel was (it was quite small indeed but we only stayed there for one night) or complaining about how ESL book you a standby ticket when it in fact just got overbooked (happens sometimes when you fly over sea. It happened to our whole team when we were gonna fly to TI3 so we had to stay in Amsterday during the night to wait for the next flight. Valve is so bad, right?).

In fact, the Swede had a pleasant experience at ESL One Frankfurt. Akke thinks that ESL has improved siginificantly in comparison to last year's event in terms of organisation and particularly the scheduled signing sessions. "Most players enjoy interacting with fans, it’s just way more easier if it’s under structured forms"

He ended the short blog with his and Alliance's plans for the summer. Considering Alliance did not qualify for Valve's annual event, they will be taking a break until TI5 is over.

Sources: TV6.se (full blog here)

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