Western domination at the MarsTV Dota2 League

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Out of the four remaining teams at the MarsTV Dota2 League only one team, Vici Gaming, is Chinese. The other three teams are western teams, Cloud9, Empire and Secret.

As the final day of the MarsTV Dota2 League draws closer, the amount of teams left dwindle. Although no teams were eliminated in today's matches, the top two in the tournament will be western teams; an interesting result given that this is a Chinese LAN event.

Today featured a total of two series being played out, between Empire and Vici Gaming and Secret and Cloud9; Empire and Secret won their matches 2-1 and 2-0 respectively. Tomorrow, the losers, VG and C9, will face each other in a best of five to decide the third and fourth place finishers whilst Secret will face-off with Empire to decide the first and second place finishers.

The first game today, VG vs Empire, was fast paced and featured a series of three sub 40 minute games with a kill score average of more than one per minute. The first game started with both teams being relatively equal, but as the mid game arrived, VG managed to secure a few kills which resulted in a slight gold lead. However, VG were unable to gain a larger gold lead and lost it at the 20 minute mark after Empire scored multiple kills in a team fight. Riding this momentum, Empire pulled apart the gold lead and forced out the GG from VG.

The second game, VG got off to a good start scoring first blood and seven kills before the seven minute mark. Although trading a few kills to Empire, VG managed to pull the gold lead apart and eventually win the fight that was required for them to take the throne at 37 minutes after scoring 35 kills on Empire.

The deciding game started out almost even for the first five minutes of the game, Empire's Tiny started building up momentum in the fifth to seventh minute of the game where he scored three kill. Riding this early game success, the Tiny was able to snowball out of control and wreck havoc on the VG squad, ending the game with an impressive KDA of 12/1/7 in addition to earning the team to victory with a 37k gold lead.

The second game of the day featured Secret and Cloud9 in a short two game series. The start of game one looked good for Secret, being up 11-6 at the 13 minute mark. Riding this momentum, both the Queen of Pain and Shadow Fiend on Secret were able to find multiple kills and pull apart the gold lead. With the gold lead, Secret were easily able to walk into Cloud9's base and force out the GG. The SF and QOP both ended the game with ten kills to their name.

The second game started off with a very big kill advantage for Cloud9 who drafted themselves a very pick-off heavy line-up alongside EternalEnvy's Phantom Lancer. FATA's Zeus managed to wreck havoc in the ranks of Secret who went for a much more static and greedy line-up. EE's Lancer found farm but surprisingly enough blew all his farm on Boots of Travels (level 2!) without any other big items along it. The idea was most likely to always be able to join the pick-offs without having to skip out on farm. Unfortunately for Cloud9, despite the big kill advantage, Secret were never far behind in gold. And after they were done taking a beating, they grouped up and started to retake the game bit by bit. Ultimately the Lancer proved not to be a threat for Secret as they hammered down Cloud9's base.


Source: TrackDota

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