EG puts Vici down at Summit 3, Vici finishes third place

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After losing to Vici Gaming earlier in the playoffs, Evil Geniuses have VG and the patch all figured out as they rolled over the Chinese team 2-1. Once thought to be the favourite to win the tournament, Vici Gaming's journey in The Summit 3 has come to a disappointing third place end.

EG will be facing Secret momentarily in a best-of-five grand final.

Upper Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Best of 5

Day 5 schedule:

18:30-21:30: Vici vs EG
22:00-03:00: Secret vs EG (grand final) LIVE
03:00-03:30: Prize ceremony

Game 1

While all the games so far has been about pushing in the early game to gain control of the map, it is not necessarily the same for game one between EG and VG. Evidently, it was all about the ganks and the kills as both the teams have no intention to take down towers and focused on kills instead. However, EG seemed to have found a perfect counter to fy's Bounty Hunter by not focusing too much on him and instead, pick the Treant and armor up whoever he goes on.

It worked well, Bounty Hunter was the hero with the lowest net worth in the whole game. It was essentially deleting the hero from the game as he continuously get picked off before the start of every fight. EG was very effective moving from side to side and getting kills along the way. Vici Gaming was helpless in their movement outside of the tier two.

Cautiously, EG pushed their territory further and further in VG's. Despite that, VG tried to go for a few smoke kills but it was rather tough for them to not make it obvious considering the lanes were constantly being pushed. Slowly but surely, EG sieged the high ground and VG had no way to retaliate.


Game 2

Although one of the main reasons they lost game one was due to the Bounty Hunter pick, VG did not seem too fazed out by it and picked him up again to gain early map control. While EG tried their best to place Sentry Wards all over the map, Bounty Hunter was still able to get kills on the Lina and the Tinker thanks to the help of the Undying.

In fact, the Bounty Hunter threat was so huge, EG's Tinker could not complete his Boots of Travel until 13 minutes into the game despite winning her lane. Before VG started getting out of control, EG attempted to kill a few of VG's cores too but they are lucky to escape on very minimal HP in both occasions.

As the casters would say, the game really ended at 10 minutes meaning after the time frame, VG had such a big control of the game that there was no way they would let EG bounce back from it. VG also managed to pick off Tinker several times and the Tinker ended up not being able to do much in fights. VG's heroes were too tanky for the Tinker to burst down without a Dagon of some sort.

From that point onwards, VG would slowly increase their lead until the 31st minute mark where they pushed high ground. Their first push sealed them their win after they rolled over EG's line-up.


Game 3

The highlight of this game is undoubtedly the Clockwerk played by UNiVeRsE. Being placed into the offlane against Broodmother, that was a lane to be lost but he traded evenly with his opponent and kept the spider low enough so that even when the Brood got his Soul Ring, he had to play defensively. Clockwerk also paved way for a lot of ganks all over the map, starting with the middle, then the top, then the bottom.

All these space created by the Clockwerk allowed EG to farm a lot safer. Evidently, EG's Shadow Fiend got himself over 200 last hits in just 16 minutes into the game.

VG tried to push towers to regain the control of the map but that was easily stopped by Razes and Rocket Flares. When that did not work, VG tried the split push but Clockwerk alongside Lion easily picked off the Broodmother. VG was forced to play defensive and in this patch, that is not the way to win. EG starved VG in their base and at 25 minutes, started knocking on their base. The final push came when EG pushed the top lane and killed four off Clockwerk's initiation again. The final score was a devastating 21-2.

Headline image from BTS flickr.

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