LC to be relegated from TI5 qualifiers?

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

LC ave decided to replace ReaLaxXx with SkyLark just after receiving an invite for the International 5 European Qualifiers. Their invite is in question because of Valve's strict policy against roster changes.

A day after Valve announced the list of teams invited to compete in The International 5, London Conspiracy announced on their website that they will be replacing Nikos 'ReaLaxXx' Kiazolis with  Xaris “SkyLark” Zafiriou. With the sudden change, it is currently unknown whether London Conspiracy will lose their spot in the qualifiers of The International 5 but history suggests that they will be relegated to the open qualifiers.

Valve had to address a similar situation back in the TI3 Eastern Qualifiers when Neolution.Int removed Michael "ninjaboogie" Ross after the team received an invite. Then, Valve exercised rule 3.2 (A team is selected and invited by Valve based on a pre-determined roster. Teams are not allowed to determine the 5 players themselves who will compete upon receiving the invitation. The roster change must be approved by administration) and removed them from the qualifiers.

The only difference between the previous disqualification and LC's situation is that LC could still go through the European open qualifiers to re-enter the qualifiers.

At the time of publish, Valve has not issued any statement or confirmation that LC has been relegated. The Greeks can only wait.

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