DAC Day 1 - MVP.Phoenix takes down Newbee, LGD scores first Chinese victory

Dota 2 Sovann “Skim” Kim

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MVP.Phoenix vs. NewBee: 1-0

The first round of the groupstage sees the first upset as well! Korean team MVP.Phoenix slay the TI4 champions NewBee with their signature Warlock! 

Invictus Gaming vs. LGD-Gaming: 1-0

A smart draft by iG with an all ranged line-up together with a Drow Ranger and a weak performance by LGD secure iG their first victory.

TongFu vs. Rave: 0-1

Rave crush their Chinese adversaries with an aggressive and teamfight orientated line-up, giving them no space to catch a break.



Vici Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses: 0-1

Both teams picked unusual drafts, as Vici opted for a midlane Dazzle and EG relied on a carry Lone Druid. EG's draft worked out a lot better and quickly gained the upper hand and left no doubt about their victory.

Cloud 9 vs. HyperGloryTeaM: 1-0

The North-American representative takes down Wildcard team HGT with an aggressive style. A dual-offlane with Omniknight and Batrider give the Chinese a hard time and the coordination from C9 secure them the first victory.

CDEC-Gaming vs. EHOME: 1-0

A lot of back and forth ensued after EHOME gained an early lead but CDEC fought their way back and proved to be superior in both teamfights and map presence.



Big God vs. Team Secret: 0-1

A stale game in which Secret took objective after objective, while Big God tried to avoid direct encounters. Despite a 4-man Echo and RP, Big God could not take down the tanky line-up of Secret.

Rave vs. LGD-Gaming: 0-1

LGD-Gaming took an early advantage and Rave did not find the opening to come back into the game despite a farmed Legion Commander. LGD slowly but steadily took objectives and teamfights and never let any doubt come up about their dominance.

Natus Vincere vs. Hellraisers: 0-1

Hellraisers picked themselves a very aggressive line-up and showed that the weak performance in Kiev was just a fluke and they are here to raise hell with their full squad. Non-stop aggression and multiple stolen Reverse Polarities was too much for Na`Vi to handle as they took a beating.

Team G W L P
15 15 0 15
15 11 4 11
15 11 4 11
15 11 4 11
15 9 6 9
15 9 6 9
15 8 7 8
15 8 7 8
15 7 8 7
15 7 8 7
15 6 9 6
15 5 10 5
15 5 10 5
15 5 10 5
15 2 13 2
15 1 14 1
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