District in Philippines bans DotA from all LAN cafes

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The authorities Salawag district of Cavite, Philippines decided to officially ban DotA from all local LAN cafes. The prohibition was enforced to put an end to gambling and violence amongst the game's young audience.

The Philippine DotA scene is one of the largest of the SEA region, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the vast majority of the country's teenagers have heard and played the game at least once. Many players are over-passionate about their in-game affairs, sometimes resulting in acts of hate, revenge grief of jealousy. In extreme cases, even severe crimes such as murder have been reportedly caused by the game. While the game's supporters put the blame on bad education from the school and the families, not DotA itself, the local government of the barangay (district) Salawag of Cavite have decided to ban the game from every local LAN cafe.

According to the official announcement released by the authorities, the game's immense popularity has turned it into a massive source of gambling, violence, theft and fraud. The prohibition was an immediate answer to the numerous reports and complaints against the game and its players. Any shop that fails to follow the new regulations will be receive sanctions, including business suspension or removal of permit. While these measures may seem extreme, it should be noted that the Philippines are notorious for their DotA-related crimes, with two recent examples being the murders of a 67-year old woman and an 11-year old child


Source : Reddit

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