Teen kills Grandmother over DotA dispute

Dota 2 Frederick “winterequinox007” Benjamin

The second DotA related murder to occur the past fortnight in the Philippines, a young boy murdered his grandmother after she had interrupted him whilst he was in-game.

The murder occurred in Quezon City, Philippines on Friday night. Fetching him from a local cybercafe, she lectured him and scolded him after interrupting his DotA gaming session. It was during this scolding that he lost control of his temper and 'blacked out'. He had allegedly taken a nearby ceramic vase and assaulted his grandmother with it, and police discovered its bloodstained shards in a garbage bin in the yard. It was after regaining control of himself after 'blacking out', that he admitted he found himself removing evidence from the crime scene and cleaning up.

The teenager's 68 year old grandmother was found at the scene of the crime with "multiple wounds [to] the head, neck, and chest". Living in Barangay Batasan Hills according to his aunt, the teenager apparently was from a broken family, with his grandmother scolding him often.

This DotA related murder is the second to occur this in the past two weeks, after an 11-year old boy was stabbed to death* with a butterfly knife. The 11-year old was accussed of hacking the Dota 2 account of a 16-year old, who later stalked and stabbed him 37 times.

*The article is linked to reddit, as the original website has taken down the page.

Source: ABS-CBN

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