Newbee qualify for Excellent Moscow Cup 2

Dota 2 Daniel “PatrickBaitman” Scott Lintott

Newbee have qualified for the LAN event in Moscow at the end of September, winning the Chinese qualifier bracket. They will join 15 other teams including the qualifiers from the European qualifiers.

Upper Bracket

Round 2 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Having beaten LGD Gaming and Tongfu to make it to the final of the qualifiers, Newbee managed to take another 2-0 victory over Tongfu to qualify for the main event of the Excellent Moscow Cup.

They will join the winners of the European group stages, which is a round robin tournament determining the 3 other teams that Newbee will be facing.

After having secrued Rabbit to play in the offlane on the team, Newbee's roughly $130,000 purchase of the player from LGD looks to have paid off for them. Beating LGD, the team Rabbit left, to make it to the final of the bracket should give Newbee fans hope and could well further their success after winning TI4.

Unfortunately the star-studded line up from LGD didn't even make it to the final of the quailifer with this defeat. Having acquired MMY, Faith, Sylar and Inflame in the post-TI4 transfer period, these high profile players were apparently not enough to give the team an edge over their Chinese rivals.

Meanwhile after Newbee knocked down Tongfu to the losers bracket, where the team managed to grind their way back into the final by actually beating the hopeful LGD team in straight games. The old school DotA legends proved that they are not irrelevant and can still rattle their opponents even against all star line ups.

Unfortunately for HGT they were sent packing very quickly after conceding both their games against LGD and Tongfu in the losers bracket. This result will be similarly disappointing for HGT fans, as they had high hopes with their fresh new roster.

There are plenty more tournaments to go in 2014, but LGD will surely be dissappointed that they didn't get a chance to represent China against the heavily European line up that will fill the LAN finals. 

The LAN final will be held in Moscow on September 26 with the teams battling to get a share of the $60,000 prize pool. Newbee are the only Chinese team to take part in the final and will be keen to prove their dominance in Europe after taking over the international stage. 

Team Tinker and Virtus.Pro were orginally set to compete in the group stages, but have now been replaced by Na'Vi and Team Complexity respectively.

Daniel “PatrickBaitman” Scott Lintott
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