Compendium prize pool breaks $9,200,000: New stretch goal unlocked

Dota 2 Travis “ELON.Rafi” Elliott

The International prize pool has broken the $9,200,000, continuing its path to shattering all eSports prize pool records, unlocking stretch goal 20.

The prize pool for The International 4 has now reached upwards of $9,200,000, thus reaching the currently third-to-the last stretch goal. The twentieth goal paves way for new creep models when the enemy barracks is destroyed. As many other previous goals, this one is still under construction. 


New Upgraded Creeps:

Unlocks new models for your creeps after you've killed the enemy barracks. 


The community's lusting after the newly released immortal items has given new life the the prize pools accession. Although the prize pool increase has been slowing since the release of the Compendium, but it has seen an increase since the reveal of the immortal treasures. With 36 days until the main event, we might see the prize pool hit an unprecedented $10,000,000. 


Travis “ELON.Rafi” Elliott
Travis 'Rafi ' Elliott is a lover of Dota2 and has been ever since he discovered eSports. He worked for GosuGamers at TI4 and famously fumbled a great interview with DK.IceIceIce. After trying his hand as a writer he moved on to casting and analysis, where he remains today. He has served as the Asst Manager for what is now Enemy.GG and also as designated caster for numerous teams. He isn't really impressed with his achievements either, he promises to do better in the future.