SUNSfan: We're in recovery mode right now

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After the robbery incident that happened last Sunday, both SUNSfan and Sajedene announced that they are now doing okay and are both thankful for those people who have helped them. 

SUNSfan posted on his facebook account that they are already recoverng from the incident and is very grateful for the Dota 2 community who helped and supported them when they needed it the most.


We're in recovery mode right now. But we want to thank all the people who have shown their support. It is truly amazing what the internet is capable of, and the Dota 2 community in particular has been amazing. Who would have thought that streaming could save your life?


SUNSfan's girlfriend, Sajedene was streaming at the time of the incident when a couple of armed men broke into their apartment and searched for drugs and guns. According to Sajedene, they were not the intended target as the suspects were looking for someone else. However, the suspects decided take SUNSfan's and Sajedene's belongings including bank cards, phones, and laptop - amongst other things.

Fortunately, the cops arrived just in time due to the courtesy of the viewers who were watching Sajedene's stream and acted quickly to get help and call the police. The police has  arrested one suspect and are on the look out for others alongside searching for any leads that might be useful.

Sajedene also expressed her gratitude on Facebook:


A big thank you especially to Ace, Neil, Spawn, CyborgMatt, and anyone else I may have regretfully missed who acted quickly - especially since our own neighbors DID NOT call anyone. We owe you our love and gratitude and life.


Source: Sajedene's Facebook, SUNSfan's Facebook

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