WPC-ACE: NewBee overcomes Alliance, settles for bronze

Dota 2 Karan “Mantis-” Jain

The third place decider for World Professional Classic, also known as WPC-ACE, has concluded with NewBee clinching an important victory against Alliance in three intense games. They settle for bronze and walk away with a respectable amount of prize money (~$16,000).

Game 1

NewBee opt for a heavy split push line up with Nature’s Prophet, Brewmaster and Luna as their tri-core in the healing presence of Dazzle and ganking AOE potential of Sand King. On the other end, Alliance go opt for a familiar tanky dps lineup with Timbersaw, Mirana and Doom Bringer as their core line up accompanied by Treant’s  healing and AOE presence and Wisp’s global relocate.

The game begins on an even note with both teams exchanging equal kills more or less until 17th minute where Alliance with their heavy tank and burst presence, take down 4 of NewBee’s players in a well executed gank near tier 1 tower at middle lane and in process gain a lead in terms of experience and gold.

26 minutes into the game, Alliance expand on to their lead as they completely white wash NewBee in Dire’s woods at top lane, thereby, resulting in a complete team wipe due to well initiation by s4’s Timbersaw and Akke’s Treant Protector that created space for others to properly execute their spells.

Few minutes later, NewBee strike back by securing three kills on Alliance and closing the gap by a little margin in terms of experience and gold. However, that isn’t enough as Alliance start pressuring by taking NewBee’s all outer towers with every player gaining some farm. Additionally, NewBee has no map vision as Alliance keep on destroying the wards via gem of truesight.

41 minutes in, Alliance succeed to break the high ground at middle lane and secure another team wipe diving past tier 3 tower. Loda gets a rampage and before they start taking  the barracks, and with all hopes lost, NewBee calls out GG and concedes  the first game.


Game 2

NewBee goes for a line-up with high initiation like Batrider, Puck, Earthshaker  and With Doctor, with Morphling as their core carry. Meanwhile, Alliance go for a global ganking lineup with Tiny-Io combined with Invoker, Dark Seer and Enchantress. This lineup ensures Alliance with quick mobility and heavy push admist global ganking presence.

The game starts on an even note with both teams focussing on farm rather than indulging into any ganks. Each team is unable to capitalize on their first smoke attempt until the 4th minute, when EGM’s wisp along with some help from Dark Seer takes down Earthshaker at top rune and thus secures a first blood.

Few seconds later, NewBee secures two kills on Tiny and Io at mid lane with a clutch stun from Witch Doctor. Tiny and Io again fall at mid lane, with the same Batrider lasso and Witch Doctor casket combo. However, Alliance manages to turn the kill ratio in their favour with a haste on Io, and secure a kill on Batrider with Witch Doctor barely managing to escape, a minute later.

Meanwhile, Hao’s Morphling is finding farm at a steady pace with little to no contention from the Swedes. Fifteen minutes in, NewBee regain their lead by killing off 3 of Alliance’s heroes but Alliance quickly close the gap with an even three kill trade few moments later.

NewBee continue to maintain a strong lead over Alliance with both;  experience and gold favouring them. With an Aegis on Morphling at 29 minutes, NewBee resume picking off their opponents one after the other and apply pressure on Alliance’s outer towers.

A gank gone horribly wrong 35 minutes in, sees Alliance lose three of its heroes and the fall of tier 3 mid tower. Second Aegis goes back to Morphling at 40 minutes, after which a team fight ensues between the two teams, and Alliance end up losing every single player against a well executed gank from NewBee.

Realising the battle is lost, Alliance concedes immediately after the gank and look forward on winning the deciding game of the series.

Game 3

Alliance returned to familiar heroes with Natures Prophet for AdmiralBulldog and an s4 Puck while Newbee picked up Enchantress and Templar Asassin for early game pressure with Ember Spirit to farm up for the late game. A huge ten man fight broke out before the game began in Radiants jungle with Mirana on Newbee landing Sacred Arrow, but Treant Protectors Leech Seed proved too strong and Alliance took a quick 2-0 lead. 

Newbee attempted to force five man fights for the first ten minutes, but was unable to find much success until around nine minutes in where they managed to take several kills and a tower in bottom lane. Alliance was unable to respond with only an underfarmed Doombringer, and Newbee started to gain momentum.

Continued aggression from Newbee forced Alliances border back and at 19 minutes Newbee took a massive team fight at the tier 2 middle lane with six hero kills for one. Templar Assassin was soon god-like while AdmiralBulldog went down three times in two minutes. Alliance showed some signs of life with a couple of return kills on Newbees supports. 

Newbee continued to pick apart Alliance by catching heroes all over the map. Alliance attempted to use smokes and Doom to catch out heroes, but was not able to make any siginificant plays. At 31 minutes, Newbee marched into Alliances base with a massive gold lead under their belt and took barrack with barely any losses.

Only a few minutes later, Alliance was down two barracks and their situation was utterly desperate. Although they fought valiantly, they were unable to dig their way out of such a massive ditch and called GG at 40 minutes with a score of 34-11. Thus, NewBee takes the bronze (~$16,000) whilst Alliance settles for fourth place(~$8,000).

The grand finals between DK and Invictus Gaming will begin tomorrow at 08:00 CEST and will follow a best-of-seven format. For more information on WPC-ACE, visit our coverage hub here.


Headline image by Sgamer