Early lead claimed by NewBee in StarLadder

Posted by Mervyn "ISB" Tan at 09 March 2014 15:15

The first day of the Chinese Division of Starseries has ended, without much surprise in the four best of 1s that took place today.

In the first match of the day, Invictus Gaming took on DreamTime, the young upstart team that had knocked them out of the Sina Cup loser's bracket semi finals. However, history did not repeat itself, and iG successfully defended their tier 1 credentials with a comfortable win over DT. 

The second match between CIS and Vici Gaming saw CIS picking up their signature support Mirana, solo mid Sniper and Wraith King carry. However, this was not enough as Vici Gaming seemed to be bristling for revenge following their loss in the Sina Cup finals last night. Vici accrued a small lead and snowballed out of control, with rOtk playing an amazing Nyx Assassin. 

The third match seemed to indicate an upset at first, with Tongfu.WanZhou establishing an early kill lead over NewBee, even team wiping them. This could be attributed to their lack of coordiation seeing how Banana just joined the team today, and they already have to play matches. However, NewBee came back to take their match against Tongfu.WanZhou with better farm and good use of their teamfighting ultimates. 

The last match of the day between and NewBee went NewBee's way, in what could be counted as a slight upset given NewBee's recent form. Carried by Hao's Weaver who chocked up 200 creep kills at 23 minutes, and an explosively farming Mu's Puck who flitted around getting kills, the game was out of LGD's hands by 30 minutes in. 

Current Standings of Chinese Star Series: