Fnatic and LGD.Int cancels G-League participation

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Fnatic and LGD International have withdrawn from the G-League due to visa issues. The extremely one-sided groups will be re-drawn tomorrow.

Set to begin on the 9th of December, Gamefy has hit a road bump as LGD International and Fnatic were forced to pull out of G-League due to visa issues.

While we understand that Fnatic will have trouble obtaining their visas considering that this will be their first trip to China, we heard more rumbling in the background for LGD International. On top of Per 'Pajkatt' Anders Olsson currently stuck in his home country due to visa issues, our sources told us that there are internal issues within the team, leading to their withdrawal. According to our source who works closely with the team, "there is a 100% chance for change in LGD International."

It is with heavy heart that Gamefy told GosuGamers that there will be no replacement teams for Fnatic and LGD International. The groups, which many claimed to be extremely one-sided will be re-drawn tomorrow. Below is the group distribution prior to the second draw.

Gamefy assured us that Speed Gaming International will make it to China for G-League. Gamefy said three of their five players have already secured themselves a Chinese visa.

Stay tuned to GosuGamers, the official coverage partner of G-League, for the latest updates on the tournament.

Correction: We previously stated that there will be two replacement teams for LGD.Int and Fnatic. That was a communication error between Gamefy and GosuGamers. There will be no replacement teams. We apologize for the mistake.


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