Fragbite Masters playoffs kick off today

Dota 2 Johan “Sun_Tzu” Järvinen

Fragbite Masters returns tonight, Wednesday the 4th of December at 17:00 CET, kicking off with the two remaining groupstage deciders before launching straight into the semi-finals as all the remaining games for the tournament aim to be played out over the course of two days, ending in a grand final which will take place at midnight on the 5th of December.

Group A

French team Zero Respect were the surprise winners of Group A, followed closely by the Swedes of 4 Friends + Chrillee. While it may be slightly surprising to see Sigma.Fr and hehe_united not make it through, all in all none of the teams of this group were expected to make much of a splash in the upcoming playoffs.

Group B

Alliance took out Group B while Terrible Terrible Damage has been eliminated from the competition, leaving MLG winners Speed Gaming to face off against the team which once more is known as Next.Kz. Due to Speed Gamings heavy schedule this game had to be pushed back and will be one of the opening games of tonight, taking place at 18:00 CET.

Group C

As mouz played the group with stand-in's, it was not all that surprising to see them have to bow out in third place. Instead it's Power Rangers who once more flex their muscles at the top of Group C, followed by Super Strong Dinosaurs. Left without a win was American team Stay Free.

Group D

Fnatic took their rightful place at the head of Group D, while Virtus.Pro were eliminated early as they still suffered greatly from their instability and inability to find a common vision for the game. Instead it is QPAD Red Pandas who recently lost their support player Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka who will face off against Danish team My Carry can't be this Kawaii in the second groupstage decider before tonights semi-finals games.


Of the teams already qualified Fnatic and Alliance are by far the favorites and will each appear on different sides of the single elimination bracket. Of the two teams Fnatic will have the far easier run through the top side of the bracket, especially as if they qualify Speed Gaming will be headed into the lower portion of the bracket, in order to face off against Power Rangers. It should still be pointed out that both Fnatic and Alliance are not playing at their highest levels at this time, as a heavy traveling schedule and little time for practice over the past month has left both teams badly in need of a break, which neither will see for a while yet. Each team is spending a few days prior to EMS One at their respective homes, so hopefully they'll regain some vitality and be able to show their best. If not, the likes of Speed Gaming or even Power Rangers and Super Strong Dinosaurs may well be perfectly poisted to exploit any weaknesses.

Prize Distribution

1. 100 000 SEK (~$15 300)
2. 50 000 SEK (~$7 700)
3. 20 000 SEK (~$3 100)
4. 8 000 SEK (~$1 200)
5-8. 5 500 SEK (~$850)


4th of december
17:00Group stage decider #1Europe QPAD Red Pandas vs. Denmark Kawaii
18:00Group stage decider #2 — Speed Gaming vs. Kazakstan
19:00Quarterfinals #1France ZERO RESPCT vs. Europe QPAD Red Pandas / Denmark Kawaii
21:00Quarterfinals #2Europe Fnatic vs. Sweden 4 Friends + Chrillee
21:00Quarterfinals #3Sweden Alliance vs. Europe Super Strong Dinosaurs
23:00Quarterfinals #4Belarus Power Rangers vs.  Speed Gaming / Kazakstan

5th of december
19:30Semifinals #1 — Quarter #3 vs. Quarter #4
21:45Semifinals #2 — Quarter #1 vs. Quarter #2