Team Dignitas disbands Dota 2 team

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After dropping one player and subsequently losing two players over the last couple of days, Michael O'Dell, managing director of Team Dignitas has decided to drop their Dota 2 team despite Jimmy 'Demon' Ho and Francis 'Inphinity' Pravongviengkham's wish to build a new team.

In what Team Dignitas call their last statement regarding the matter, Team Dignitas pinned most of the blame on Steven 'Korok' Ashworth's lack of communication which resulted in him being booted from the team. Two days after the boot, Scott 'BleeK' Jensen and Theeban '1437' Siva also left the team allegedly because bleeK allegedly only joined the team due to his friendship with Korok.

"The following days we were told by our team manager that the remaining players had decided to disband and two of the remaining players wanted to create a new lineup for our organisation. We made the decision to respect the players' wishes to disband but we will not try to rebuild a lineup on unstable ground. Instead, Team Dignitas will disband its DotA 2 squad for now and re-evaluate our options," Dignitas stated.

Dignitas informed Major League Gaming yesterday that they will be forfeiting their slot at the upcoming MLG Columbus, leaving the organizers scrambling to find a replacement team. MLG had been seen talking to Sigma International regarding the slot.

The future of these five players remains unknown.

Source: Dignitas

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