Slight change to DK and Alliance's encounter in Korea

Dota 2 Eric “reinnnn” Khor

Due to a communication error, Nexon has clarified the format they will be using in week three of Nexon Invitational Super Match. Alliance, DK and fOu will be playing best-of-three matches instead with an increased prize pool.

Late last month, we reported that Alliance, DK and fOu will face one another three timesĀ  (bo1 on three separate days) throughout their time in Seoul, but as it appears, Nexon has changed their mind and stated that the three teams will only play best-of-three matches against their two opponents. This means instead of having three best-of-one matches per day, we will only have one match per day in week three.

The previous format was announced due to a miscommunication.

Schedule (CET):

15 November - 06:00 - fOu vs Alliance
16 November - 06:00 - fOu vs DK
17 November - 06:00 - DK vs Alliance

The prize money for week three of Nexon Invitational Super Match will be $7,500 per match win. A 2-0 or 2-1 victory over their opponents will not increase the prize pool.

The arrival of the much anticipated Alliance and DK will be celebrated in G-star in Busan Bexco. The English broadcast of the Super Match will be available on OnGameNet's Twitch channel while the Korean stream will be available on Youtube. GosuGamers highly recommend viewers to tune in to the Korean stream for their production value and high quality stream.

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