Pics: LGD.Int first team to arrive in Seattle

Dota 2 Eric “reinnnn” Khor

LGD.Int at Shanghai airport. Flying to Seattle

We have received reports that LGD.Int has arrived in Seattle yesterday, four days prior to the rest of the teams' arrival. Below are some pics of them bootcamping in Seattle.

LGD.Int was reported to be the first team to arrive in Seattle for The International 3. The reason why LGD.Int did not travel together with their Chinese counter-part is because their visa in China is expiring. Besides that, the LGD management also think that it is a good idea for them to have some early training against the western teams before the Chinese teams arrive.

Helen 'XiituZi' Xu  travelled alongside the international team to Seattle and she gave us some pictures of the team leaving Shanghai and arriving at United States. According to LGD, the team is currently not staying at Valve's appointed hotel and will probably move in after the rest of the teams arrive.

Most teams will be travelling to Seattle on the 30th of July.


Brax in Game Zone. Unofficial bootcamp for TI3.


LGD.Int are all training at Game Zone, a local LAN cafe.


LGD.Int training

LGD.Int's blackbook. Anybody care to decipher what is written there?


The taste of freedom in Brax's face.


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