fy: 'Cty's solo is much better than mine'

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Lin Sen 'fy' Xu was recently in the spotlight after winning the 1v1 tournament in RedBull ECL. The world was shocked at the fact that he defeated his teammate, renowned solo mid player Tian Yu 'Cty' Chen in the grand final of the tournament. Since then, Vici Gaming has switched fy's role to 1-position, replacing long time carry player Jian 'ZSMJ' Gong.

SGamer caught up with fy two days ago for an interview regarding his experience in his first LAN tournament and also his feelings about winning the solo mid championship. The following is the translation of the interview.



Hello fy, thanks for accepting the interview. Recently, you defeated your teammate CTY in the grand finals of RedBull ECL 1v1 tournament. Did you guys practiced solo mid Shadow Fiend prior to the game.

We practiced it in Dota 1, we have not practiced in Dota 2 though.

A lot of people said that there is a huge difference between Shadow Fiend of Dota 1 and Shadow Fiend of Dota 2. What is your view on this?

I personally feel that there is a small difference but you will get used to it. Then it'll feel the same.

Lets talk about your career, when were you first exposed to DotA?

When DotA 1 was in version 6.59. I fell in love with the game immediately.

Why did you start your playing career?

Since I started playing DotA, I have won multiple online tournaments. Becoming a professional is to give myself an explanation as to why I invested so much time in this game and also an explanation to my family and friends.

What was your position previously?

I used to play the semi-carry position. When I joined VG, they wanted me to play support, I don't mind giving it a try.

When switching from the semi-carry role to the supports, what kind of change did you experience?

My level of play have been questioned previously but I got used to it as I play more.

Do you train your supports heroes often?

Basically no, unless I play really badly with the hero, then I'll go and practice.

During the recent ECL match against iG, your popularity rosed with spectacular Windrunner plays. During the previous matches your support plays managed to shine. as well. Can you share tips on how to shine with support heroes?

Supports chance to shine depend on the team, for instance, in the match against iG, there were tanky hero standing in the front line allowing me to shine from the back line.

The latest edition of ECL, you lost to DK in the quarterfinals. What do you think is the reason?

It is probably because we did not prepare very well prior to the match. We did not make a game plan on how to go against DK.

Is it because DK will be competing in TI3, while you guys are not, therefore did not do your research about them?

No. We can only blame ourselves for not preparing enough against DK while we could have.

Do you think the SOLO tournament champion title was yours to earn?

The solo tournament do not mean that much to me. I had luck on my side. Cty's solo is much better than mine.

What is important to you then?

Winning a worthy tournament together with my teammates. That is the most important.

What sort of result does Vici Gaming need to get to prove yourself?

Top three placing in the upcoming ACE League.

What do you think is the team's biggest weakness and strength?

Our weakness is our teamwork (it isn't great), our mentality is rather poor and our plays in LAN environment isn't as stable. Our strengths are our individual and communication skills.

That was probably your first encounter with so many spectators and players smack talking each other. What do you think about it?

It had no effect on me because I am a relatively calm player.

Which do you think is better? Sound proof booths or open booths?

Both are fine but if our opponent is DK (ROTK), then it is better to use sound proof ones.

You look very handsome, are you worried that people will only pay attention to your looks and ignore your strengths?

I will prove it to them!

Thanks for the interview fy. Any last shoutout?

Thank you for your constant support. Also thanks to ECL for hosting the tournament, I wish your tournaments get better and better.

Source: SGamer