Compendium fifth milestone achieved, 1v1 tournament at The International 3

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 27 June 2013 11:00

The fifth milestone of the Compendium has just been reached and The International 3 will now have an eight players 1v1 tournament. Compendium owners are allowed to vote for their favourite players by the next patch.

Moments ago, the fifth goal of the Compendium has been reached and the prize pool of The International 3 is now slightly above $2,400,000, making it the highest paid event in all of ESports.

With the fifth milestone breached, The International 3 will now have a side event, an eight players 1v1 championship. Compendium owners will be able to vote for their favourite players at The International to compete in this tournament, possibly by the next patch.

All the celebration aside, hitting the fifth milestone also means that a total of 320,000 Compendium has been sold thus far and the numbers, albeit decelerating, is increasing bit by bit everyday. However, the seventh goal seems a little far-fetched now with The International 3 fast approaching although the sixth is still well within reach.

The sixth milestone will release an Immortal item to all the Compendium owners.

Source: Dota 2