Bracket for The Defense 4 qualifier released

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Bracket for The Defense 4 qualifier has been released. 16 teams who will be participating in the qualifiers will battle it out over two days for the three remaining spot in the main event.

The qualifier of The Defense 4 will begin today at 19:00 CEST and run till tomorrow. The top three placers of the qualifiers will be playing in the main event of The Defense 4.


Tuesday 21st:

•    19:00 WB Ro16 (bo1)
•    20:00 WB Ro8 (bo1)
•    20:30 LB Top 16 (bo1)
•    21:00 WB Deciders (bo3)
•    22:00 LB Top 12 (bo1)

Wednesday 22nd:

•    19:00 LB Top 8 (bo1)
•    20:00 LB Top 6 (bo1)
•    21:00 LB Decider (bo3)


All the games of the qualifier will be casted by Christian ‘Epi’ Czech.

The main event of The Defense will be starting on the 29th of May, one day before the end of The International 3 Eastern qualifier. The format for the main event will be a best-of-two 5x4 groupstage in which the top placer will go to the playoffs. The playoffs will run a double elimination bracket.

With a revised format, The Defense 4 will finish in two months and deliver to the viewers a much more action packed season. Besides that, there is also an increase in prize pool to $25,000 this season.

Source: joinDOTA


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