Zenith withdraws from BeyondTheSummit and Prodota 2

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 05 August 2012 17:00

In an unexpected turn of events last night, Zenith have decided to forfeit both their positions at BeyondTheSummit World Tour as well as Prodota 2 (following their forfeit loss against mousesports). A representative from Zenith spoke about the team's decision to be '100% focused on training solely for The International.'

A recent controversy also erupted with the misappropriate use of a tag by a stand-in during one of their matches against Counter Logic Gaming at BeyondTheSummit. The team released a public apology following the matter.

This time, the team cited their inability to adjust to a US West server while competing for BeyondTheSummit and therefore decided to pull out from the tournament.

The statement also included their reason for forfeiting the match against mousesports, and their subsequent elimination from the Loser's Bracket of Prodota 2.

Singapore Zenith (Facebook)

Dear all, Zenith has decided to withdraw from the Beyond The Summit World Tour tournament. After attempting to play on a US West server, the players have found it counterproductive to play regular games on a server with significant delay. We have decided to concentrate our efforts on training for The International, using the extra time to train with teams from the SEA region. We wish all the other teams all the best in the remainder of the tournament.

Unfortunately, Zenith had to forfeit the match against mousesports in the ProDOTA World League earlier tonight. This was not a flippant act of disregard for the tournament as some have speculated. xy- had National Service duties (army) which he could not take leave from. We have tried to talk to admins earlier in the day to postpone the match to 11.30pm-12.00am so as to accomodate xy- as he rushes home to play the match, so that we did not need to employ any stand-in. Regrettably, mousesports were unwilling to play at any other time and hence we had no choice but to forfeit the match. We apologize to fans who were looking forward to the game.

Moving forward, Zenith will be 100% focused on training solely for The International. We will most likely not be participating in international online competitions but we will still be taking part in tournaments hosted on SEA servers, such as the Alienware Game Victorious tournament. We hope to have your support in this last crucial leg of preparations before the team flies off to Seattle.

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