GosuLeague Season 3 finished: mouz, Darer, GamersLeague top division 1

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 30 July 2012 20:46

The third season of GosuLeague is coming to a close. mouz is the winner of Division 1, with team Darer and GamersLeague positioned on the podium.

The third winner in the third season: After Infused in May and mTw in June, mousesports is the winning team of GosuLeague Season 3.

mousesports crushed through the field of competing teams and only lost a single map within the season. They drawed the match against Darer. mousesports secured first place already one playday before the end.

Runner-up of GosuLeague Season 3 is team Darer. Darer lost against GamersLeague during the course of the league. Against mousesports and Copenhagen Wolves, the team got a draw.

mouz, Darer and GamersLeague on the podium

The podium is completed by team GamersLeague. Because of the loss of mTw in the deciding match against Darer, GamersLeague inherited the third place. This is very important, as only the podium positions are awarded with prize money. GamersLeague originally started the season under the tag HelloMoto and got well known under the tag.

mTw and Copenhagen Wolves are in fact tied for fourth and fifth place. Both teams finished the season with 7 points, Wolves achieving this with a record-number of five draws out of seven games. A deciding match will most likely not be played, as there is no difference between fourth and fifth place, other than the fame.

Moscow 5 and BFB no longer in division 1 barely stays within GosuLeague division 1, with a score of 6 points. They stay ahead of team Ben's Fuck Buddies, the former Keita Gaming team, which drops out of GosuLeague division 1 after finishing in seventh position.

Moscow5 left GosuLeague after a forfeit loss and got all matches counted as 0-2 losses.

The first division of GosuLeague will be filled with Na'Vi, promoted from division 2A and another team from division 2B. GosuLeague will return for a fourth season.

Final Standings Division 1
1Germany mouz7610+613
2Ukraine Darer7421+310
3Europe GamersLeague7241+18
4Europe mTw723207
5Denmark Wolves715107
6Kazakhstan NEXT.kz7142-16
7United States BFB7133-25
8Russia M5*7007-70

Price money GosuLeague Season 3:
1. Germany mousesports - $2,500 USD
2. Ukraine Darer - $1,500 USD
3. Europe - $1,000 USD

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