STATEMENT: Moscow 5 leaves GosuLeague after forfeit loss

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 11 July 2012 01:12

In tonight's GosuLeague, Russian side Moscow 5 was given a forfeit loss in the first game against after not showing up on time and not giving an explanation why.

After having been given the loss, the team refused to play the second game should the forfeit for game one not get revoked. Disagreeing with the ruling, the Moscow 5 manager announced that they will be leaving GosuLeague.

GosuGamers' ambition was to keep Moscow 5 remain in the league, but the team has made their decision to forfeit all matches in GosuLeague.

The GosuLeague rules state that teams are given a default loss if they appear over 15 minutes late without a reasonable explanation. We strive to be as reasonable and flexible as possible in all our doings, and we expect teams to be the same. While we are aware that complications may arise for teams, we feel the need to enforce our rules when met with unprofessional behavior.

By leaving the GosuLeague Division 1, all of Moscow 5's matches will be counted as 0-2 losses in Division 1.

- Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand, GosuGamers head administrator