mTw crowned GosuLeague Season II champion - earns $2,000 USD

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 30 June 2012 01:25


With one match left in the second season's prime division, we can already crown the champion of the GosuLeague. mTw was able to fend off their nemesis Mousesports and can already today be sure to stand as champions after tomorrow's final buzzer.

Six matches were enough for the German organization to secure the GosuLeague Season II title and the $2,000 USD. With Mousesports going 1-1 against Moscow 5 earlier today, mTw can sit safely at 10 points. This as a point tiebreaker is decided on the head-to-head match inside the tiebreaker.

mTw can further cement their position tomorrow as the premier team in GosuLeague should they defeat Moscow 5 in the league's concluding match. syndereN and his playmates will probably want to end on a high note and go through with an empty loss column, so the match versus the Russians will hopefuly live up to mTw's recent performances this summer.

Today's GosuLeague Division 1 results
Kazakstan 2-0 Sweden Keita-Gaming» Picks, bans
Russia Moscow 5 2-0 Sweden Infused» Picks, bans
Germany Mousesports 1-1 Russia Moscow 5» Picks, bans

The excitement is not fully over for the GosuLeague, however, as and Darer share the exact same point and score difference in the run for the third place. Since the teams also ended up playing 1-1 earlier this season the two will battle in a deciding best of one match tomorrow to establish the $500 USD prize winner.

The acquiring of the French trio from Western Wolves has proven to be a genius move by the Danish captain Troels "syndereN" Nielsen, who together with Rene "Kebap" Werner teamed up with the 7ckngMad, Sockshka and Funzii trio two and a half months ago. Since the absorbation of the French wolves, the quintet has won the West wildcard tournament for The International, DreamHack Vengeance Cup and now the second season of GosuLeague. Add the online mini-tournament GD Arena and they have earned $16,680 USD in under three months.

Where there are winners there are also losers. German squad EYES ON U, who dropped out of the league on Thursday, will leave the league after coming in last. All their matches was revoked and changed into 0-2 losses. Ending second-to-last was the Swedish side Team Infused that after today's 0-2 loss failed to secure a spot in the top division in the third season. Thus marks the finish of the reverse cinderella story as the first season champions fell off in the second take of the league.

GosuLeague Division 1 Standings
# Team M W D L +/- Pts
medal_gold_1.png 1 Europe mTw 6 4 2 0 4 10
medal_silver_1.png 2 Germany mouz 7 4 2 1 3 10
3 Kazakstan 7 3 2 2 1 8
3 Ukraine Darer 7 3 2 2 1 8
5 Sweden Keita 7 2 3 2 0 7
6 Russia M5 6 2 2 2 0 6
cancel.png 7 Sweden infs 7 2 1 4 -2 5
cancel.png 8 Germany EYES 7 0 0 7 -7 0
» Full GosuLeague Division 1 match results
Individual game result applies between the two tied teams.
In case of a two-way tie between teams who went 1-1 tiebreakers will apply in a best of one (1) manner.
In case of a three-way tie tiebreakers will apply in a best of one (1) manner.

1. mTw
$2,000 USD

2. Mouz
$1,000 USD

3. Darer/
$500 USD

Looking quickly at the standings table, you might think Moscow 5 has a chance to reach the third place. But due to that the individual game result applies between tied teams, and Darer would both have the advantage over Moscow 5 if they manage to crawl up on 8 points after tomorrow's game versus mTw. A victory would mean a fifth place, a draw a shared fifth with Keita, and a loss would have them remain at sixth place.

Remaining GosuLeague Division 1 matches
Europe mTw18:00Russia Moscow 5» GosuBet!
Ukraine DarerTBAKazakstan NEXT.kzTBA (tiebreaker)

Stay tuned to GosuGamers Saturday evening, tomorrow, as we finish the second GosuLeague season with two top class matches with mTw, Moscow 5, and Darer go at it!