mTw obliterates Mouz in 15-minute game to cement GosuLeague lead - REPORT

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 28 June 2012 23:23



mouz and mTw get to this match with a 5-7 match history in favor of mTw, acording to Both teams are on a rise since the International Qualifiers, and now they're pitted against each other again, fighting for the top spot of the GosuLeague.

GosuLeague - Game 1
Europe mTwGermany Mousesports
dark seer broodmother enchantress
lycanthrope lich invoker
clinkz storm spirit
earthshaker lone druid
natures prophet enigma tinker
leshrac chen shadow demon
venomancer beastmaster
night stalker anti mage

mTw's lineup screams aggression and control. With Furion and Tinker, they want to control the pace of the game and get all the farm in the map, hoping to eventually siege mouz' base. On the German side, the plan is to get Black's Antimage farmed enough to have an edge in the end game, using Night Stalker to not allow mTw to control the whole map.

As usual, mouz shows a strong early game, contesting the bottom lane with a semi-triple lane and letting Night Stalker and Antimage soloing, while mTw gets the first blood in the 2 minute mark, with Antimage killing Beastmaster. A massive team-fight follows on the bot lane and mTw gets the better of it, winning 3-1.

On the beginning of the first night, mTw is leading 5-3. Despite outfarming Nature's Prophet in the laning phase, Night Stalker is contained and killed on the bottom lane around the 7 minute mark. At the same time, Antimage is freefarming top. mTw needs to react against him, and sends Enigma top to gank. With Beastmaster's Roar and Black Hole com fckingmad, mTw is able to gank and kill Antimage.

On the 11 minute mark, Night Stalker is killed once again. This is horrible for mouz' plans, because it puts a lot of pressure on Antimage. He ends getting killed on the top lane, delaying him even more. Right now it's very hard for mouz to find a good engagement, because Tinker is controlling the team-fights with March of the Machines.

On the 14 minute mark, mTw has a 10,000 gold advantage over mouz. They kill Roshan and further their lead even more. Tinker continues to control the map and deny Night Stalker good ganks and engagement, and mouz calls the GG on the 19 minute mark.

Game 2: Pseudo-triple lane and a concede after 15 minutes

GosuLeague - Game 2
Germany MouzEurope mTw
invoker tinker lich
dark seer broodmother chen
juggernaut chaos
sandking storm spirit
lycanthrope enigma leshrac
natures prophet enchantress lone druid
shadow demon brewmaster
venomancer night stalker

For the second game, we have Lycanthrope for mouz, while mTw gave Funzi his Syllabear. mTw contests the bottom lane with a pseudo-triple lane, forcing Lycanthrope to go lane instead of the jungle. And the first blood happens on the bottom lane, with mTw killing Leshrac and Shadow Demon as well as getting the tower.

The push continues, and the second tier bottom tower is gone on the 4 minute mark. On the 7 minute mark, the third tier bottom tower is down, forcing Brewmaster to return to defend the base and giving complete control of the map for mTw. The bottom barracks are destroyed this early in the game, leaving mouz at a very difficult position to tackle.

On the 11 minute mark, mTw starts pushing the mid lane. They lose a lot of heroes, but manage to destroy the tower and damage the barracks. The mid barracks are destroyed in the subsequent fight. A 12 minute Radiance on Syllabear leaves mouz on a impossible position for a comeback, and calls the GG in the 15 minute mark. mTw wins 2-0 against mouz and furthers their lead on the GosuLeague, while mouz is still on the second position.