25cm Joins Team Decerto

Posted by V "iki" V at 24 June 2011 07:31
crazed, Tzar, Chivava, Matori, Phan, PROTAJD

Recently formed Serbian team 25cm joins forces with Team Decerto, an eSports organization with 8 years experience. The team is now known as Decerto.DotA, also written as dCto.DotA.

Born back in 2003 and since then part of the Starcraft scene, Team Decerto has become a multigaming organization active in both online and offline events worldwide. The organization is involved in competitive games such as Starcraft 2, Counter Strike 1.6 & Source, Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, Enemy Territory, Brink and most recently back again into DotA.

The team can be reached on IRC at #Team-Decerto @ Quakenet
Statements from Team Manager Denmark Flow4v and Captain Serbia Matori can be followed at Balkan League.

Recently, GosuGamers did an in-depth interview with Team 25cm now known as Decerto.Dota. Learn more about this team by following this Link

Decerto.Dota Roster

Serbia Stefan 'Matori' Markovic (Captain)
Serbia Stefan 'Chivava' Gajic
Serbia Nemanja 'Phan' Dragicevicv
Serbia Jovan 'Tzar' Dragasevic
Serbia Jovan 'PROTAJD' Milosevic

Dota team Management
Denmark Firas 'Flow4v' El-Moussawi
Germany Lukas 'Iyonic' Breit

Balkan League - Source
Gosugamers - 25cm Interview : Learn about the Team
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