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??? vs FUBAR


Rank: #55 (1,058 pts)

Country: Europe Europe


92 % 8
11397 991
44 bets 28


Rank: #282 (1,000 pts)

Country: Sweden Sweden



Amount of bets: 72 ( 12,387)
Event: » GosuLeague Division 1 \ Season 3
Best of: 2
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: July 10, 2012 at 22:25
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

United States Sheever

Comments (Closed)

Swedennebaz 5 years, 36 weeks ago
mTw seems rusty lately.. And HM got Sava, so I guess I'll have to bet all my tangos on HM. wink.gif
Greecevenduza 5 years, 36 weeks ago
listen to nebaz he got info from the inside everytime he says hm will win they do
BulgariaMe4onyX 5 years, 36 weeks ago
y...1:0 for HM
Greecevenduza 5 years, 36 weeks ago
so nebaz your info about the second game?
Bulgariar0yaLe2k11 5 years, 36 weeks ago
they look stronger with this line up.Tide did some stupid shit, but meh.. he got nice ults of.
RomaniaMotanuD 5 years, 36 weeks ago
Seems teams should remember about Doom.

By the way, has Sheever mentioned... Funn1k a few times? The "F" in mTw is, in fact, 7ckingmad.
GreeceBeyondWonderland 5 years, 36 weeks ago
Fattest early game Lesh ever from Synd ? manyhappy.gif