DPC 2019-2020 season qualifiers explained

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If you are confused by the DPC 2019-2020 season qualifiers format we've got you covered!

The closed qualifiers for the MDL Chengdu Major and BTS Summit Minor can seem quite confusing for the casual (and even seasoned) fan. Its busy, there's a lot to process when it comes to placements and there is very little communication about it all. 

That's mostly because this is the first season that Valve has taken control of the qualifiers. Unlike previous seasons where the running Tournament Organizer determined the format and process, things are now in Valve's hands. In addition, both the Minor and Major qualifiers have been combined into one event. 

This comes after much criticism from players and personalities in the scene. 

This year we have combined both the Majors and Minors qualifiers into a single, shorter one, reducing complexity and time for players and organizers, and allowing to both give extra time to rest to players after a Major is over without majorly compromising the time for players in the minor to get visas when required.

So how does it actually work then?

DPC 2019-2020 season qualifier format

Phase 1 (2 days):

  • 2 bo2 groups of 5
  • The top 8 teams with DPC points are invited
  • 2 Open qualifier spots. In case not enough teams have DPC points, Valve will decide how to distribute the remaining slots
  • Top 2 from each group advance to Phase 2
  • 3rd from each group advances to Phase 3* **
  • Everyone else is eliminated and gets 10 DPC points.

*In cases the region has 3 major or 2 minor invites, both 4th places play a bo3 to decide who else goes.
**In cases where the region has 3 majors AND 2 minor invites, both 4th places advance.

Phase 2:

  • 4 team Double Elimination
  • Top 2-3 qualify to the major
  • Loser(s) advance to phase 3

Phase 3:

  • 4 team double elimination
  • Top 1/2 qualify to the minor
  • rest get 20 DPC points

Here's a handy cheat sheet from the folks at BTS to provide another type of visual example:

Wait, hold up here one second. The Eliminated teams from Phase 2 go on to Phase 3? How is that possible?

Good question and glad you asked! That's because Phase 3 is really the qualifier phase for the Minor and those eliminated from Phase 2 didn't qualify for the Major! 

After the first set of DPC 2019-2020 events, only teams with full rosters registered and DPC points (either from qualifiers or events) will gain an invite to the regional qualifiers. Teams earning points in the qualifiers is new for the season and should be helpful to create transparency and stability for regional invites now. For everyone else, good luck in the open qualifiers!

DPC 2019-2020 season closed qualifier dates 

Mark your calendars for the rest of the season for the qualifier dates. Open qualifiers are expected to be the four days leading up to the event and registration is typically found on the FaceIT platform unless ESL is hosting an event, in which case they have their own platform they use. 

Qualifier #1: Sep 30-Oct 5
Qualifier #2: Dec 1-Dec 6
Qualifier #3: Feb 9-Feb 14
Qualifier #4: Mar 29-Apr 3
Qualifier #5: May 17-May 22

DPC 2019-2020 season qualifier point and prize pool distribution

Here's a quick reminder on how many points and cash is on the line for events this season

For Majors, which are 16-team double-elimination, the point distribution is as follows :

Place Prize pool Points
1 $300,000 4850
2 $160,000 3000
3 $110,000 2100
4 $80,000 1350
5-6 $60,000 900
5-6 $60,000 900
7-8 $40,000 450
7-8 $40,000 450
9-12 $20,000 150
9-12 $20,000 150
9-12 $20,000 150
9-12 $20,000 150
13-16 $12,500 100
13-16 $12,500 100
13-16 $12,500 100
13-16 $12,500 100

For Minors, the point and prize pool distribution is as follows:

Place Prize Pool Points
1 $72,000 140*
2 $60,000 120
3 $54,000 110
4 $42,000 90
5-6 $24,000 60
5-6 $24,000 60
7-8 $12,000 40
7-8 $12,000 40

*Since the minor winner also gets to participate in the major, they will only get points for the event in which they placed better (e.g: If they place last in the major, they will only get 140 points for winning the minor. If they place 8th instead, they'd get the 450 points for the major but not the 140 points from the minor)

Hopefully, things are much more clear for our beloved readers and fans! So now, its time to just sit back and enjoy the show!


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