The TI6 Experience: Day Four

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Tnc vs DC

While DC has the hype of a lot of the home crowd, TnC’s underdog journey has also gathered them a lot of fans throughout this tournament. However, one team was destined to be eliminated and DC was the better team today. Although TnC was eliminated, their achievement will go down as one of the most impressive runs as a dark horse at The International.

Fnatic vs Liquid

If we compare a team’s skill level and fan base at the arena, Fnatic probably has the highest gap between these two components. While Fnatic has showed that their plays and drafts are superior to many other teams in this tournament, they did not receive the cheer they deserved. Despite Team Liquid putting up a tremendous effort to stay in this tournament, they were unable to overcome the aggression from the Malaysians.


EHOME’s journey has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. Coming into TI6 as a wild cards team no one foresaw the total dominance displayed by them throughout the main event. However, towards the end of the event, EHOME experienced the problem of a limited hero pool. While they displayed an in depth understanding of heroes such as Sand King, Mirana and Naga Siren, teams began to figure out corresponding strategies, which ultimately resulted in the crushing defeat by DC.    

Signing Sessions

Although I managed to catch most of the games that were played on day four, they were mostly watched from waiting in line for signing sessions. I managed to get in line for Arteezy and Puppey’s session as well as PPD and Zai’s session. These lines were almost at the length of the Arena's circumference. In order to get in these lines audiences must start lining up almost two hours before the actual sessions. Being able to meet my favorite players made TI one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I’m sure that’s what most of the fans felt too as you can see how long the lines were for Arteezy and Puppey’s autograph sessions.

Cosplay Contest

While I enjoyed the cosplay contest thoroughly, another editor that attended this year TI made a much more detailed coverage of it here.

All-star Game

This year’s All-star game featured another edition of a 10v10 brawl between members of the audience and professional players. This year however also featured the addition of the new hero Underlord, also known as Pit Lord in legacy DotA. The game featured exciting moments such as Arteezy and AdmiralBulldog ratting, QO’s domination on the Outworld Devourer, and Dendi’s amazing Echo Slams. SirActionSlacks and Kaci also did a fantastic job in hosting the whole segment, so props to Valve for creating yet another enjoyable experience for us here at TI.

The International 6 Coverage HUB

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