LGD.Maybe: "I am looking forward to become the next 'The International' champion"

Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 01 March 2014 20:45

Yao 'Maybe' Lu is one of China's brightest young stars, holding the top rank on his country's biggest DotA platform, 11. From a well known pub-star, he has moved to a new part on his career to join a team named Greedy alongside another DotA veteran in YaphetS. Lately, however, his gaming career turns into a new chapter after he was added into LGD.cn as a replacement for Zhang 'xiao8' Ning.

In an exclusive interview with GosuGamers, Maybe talks about his switch to Dota 2, replacing Xiao8 in LGD, his goals for this year and also on the importance of his position 2 (mid solo) role in the team. He also mentions on how he went on to form a team with the legendary Shadow Fiend player, YaphetS.

Hi Maybe. How are you? Have you been enjoying the break?

Hello. I was having a good time. Thanks.

Your name is very well-known on the Chinese DotA scene, but it is rather fresh to see you on the Dota 2's competitive community. How long have you been playing this game? 

I started my Dota 2 career last August 2013.

Well, you were very prominent last week, as you were reported to be replacing xiao8 on LGD. How did you end up on the team?

My DotA teammate Zhang 'xiaotuji' Wang invited me to join the team.

What can you say about your team so far? Have you guys already practiced?

The chemistry with the team is good, but not good enough.

You'll be assuming position 2 role on your new team. What do you think is the most important role of a solo mid?

The most important role of a solo mid according to me is to control the lane period and mid game.

What do you think about the current 6.80 patch? How would you sum it up?

Fat supports will lead to an easy win.

You joined a DotA team (Greedy) as when things were picking up for Dota 2 in China. Why did you remain in DotA then, is it still very big in China?

Because there were many friends playing DotA. I was having fun playing with them.

Maybe and YaphetS


What was the ‘final push’ on your switch to Dota 2?

I want to be a world champion.

Can you share us some of your experiences playing alongside veterans like YaphetS?

We always met in high ranked games before being teammates. We used to chat a bit while playing and after we both got familiar to each other, I added him as friend. Shortly afterwards, we teamed up to play in tournaments.

What are the things that you are looking forward to now as you have shifted?

I am looking forward to become the next 'The International' champion.

What do you think is the biggest difference between DotA and Dota 2?

The control is more comfortable in Dota 2.

How do you feel now, have you played a lot of Dota 2 already or have you been switching between games?

I am already used to Dota 2.

If you would rate your current status on shifting to Dota 2 now, with 1 as the lowest and 10 as your skill on DotA - how would you rate yourself?

I would rate myself as a 9.

What do you feel about the fact a lot of Chinese players looking to you as one of the future stars of Chinese Dota 2 (for example, Zhou)?

Train hard. Take the game seriously.

Given your so far short time with your team, how would you rate your team against the other Chinese teams?

I would rate my team with an 8 against the other Chinese teams.

What can you say about the newly announced team, which is NewBee?

Every individual within the team is strong. Although, the team chemistry will be the key to their success.


A lot of tournaments are coming after the Lunar New Year’s break. Which teams are you looking forward to play with?

I'm looking forward to play Natus Vincere the most.

Before we end, may we know how you came across your nickname 'Maybe'?

It was just a random nickname. I had randomed it.

Alright Yao, our interview ends here. We wish you the best of luck. Any shout-outs?

Thanks for the support of my fans, club and sponsors. I will try hard and do my best to achieve good results.