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Natus Vincere vs mousesports

The Pick/Ban analysis
First Ban PhaseFirst Pick Phase
brewmaster enchantress natures prophet
lycanthrope invoker tidehunter

Nothing extraordinary going on here: Invoker, Lycanthrope, Brewmaster and Nature's Prophet getting banned, Na'Vi banning Enchantress to limit the jungling options. What stands out is mousesports banning Tidehunter instead of Chen. Leaving the latter to Na'Vi is a dangerous gamble; nevertheless mouz is up to it. Let's wait for the picks and see if we can understand mouz's last ban.

dark seer death prophet venomancer
leshrac chen shadow demon

Na'Vi gets Dark Seer, while mouz picks Leshrac and Chen. Na'Vi continues with Death Prophet and Venomancer, and mouz finishes the first pick phase with Shadow Demon. Both teams got versatile heroes that can run multiple builds and melt towers easily. With Shadow Demon, mouz have a small edge over Na'Vi: Disruption and Demonic Purge can potentially restrict Dark Seer's movement while on Surge, and Soul Catcher can make the tanky Death Prophet die really fast. On the other side, if mouz allows Na'Vi to sit next to its towers, the Poison Wards and Krobelus' beautiful sisters will destroy them uncontestedly. Now observe that the Tidehunter ban makes sense, and it deserves its particular section.

Second Ban PhaseSecond Pick Phase
sandking earthshaker
night stalker broodmother

Na'Vi are banning Sand King and Earthshaker, two heroes with immense reach, that can instantly blink, disable heroes and set up fights. Navi is doing this because there is a lot of carriers in the pool and it can't simply ban them all. It would be wasting precious bans by taking them out. So, instead of banning them, Na'Vi bans the heroes that can setup the fights and allow the carriers to unleash their damage, thus reducing their killing potential. On mouz side, the latter is denying aggressiveness and lane control, not wanting to face a tower-diving Night Stalker or having to deal with Broodmother constantly weaving her webs in the lanes.

enigma mirana
anti mage beastmaster

Na'Vi safeguards itself with Enigma. Not only can he be played in almost every lane, his Black Hole is one of the most feared spells in the game. mouz's answer is Antimage, not only because of it's blink and Spell Shield, but also because Na'Vi only have Intelligence heroes on the field. Finally, Na'Vi gets Mirana, who does well in every stages of the game, while mouz gets some decent vision and disable with Beastmaster.

The Tidehunter ban

So, why mouz banned Tidehunter instead of Chen? Ask youself: would you ban Tidehunter, or would you ban Chen? Na'Vi's winrate with Chen is ridiculously high, nearing 95%. As far as I know, they only lost one game with Chen. I would totally ban Chen. The point is: this is a mind game being played by Na'Vi. They're toying with the metagame and puppeting the opponent into wasting their bans. Chen is one of the best heroes on the game, but there are other heroes who can fill his position. It's totally okay for them to have the enemy ban Chen: they will be wasting a ban, while they'll have so many other heroes to choose. mouz wasn't worried with Chen, but worried with the fact that Na'Vi has arguably the deepest knowledge on how to perform in team-fights. Just imagine what would happen if Na'Vi manages to have Tidehunter, Dark Seer and Death Prophet on the team? Suddenly mouz wouldn't be able to teamfight anymore, and Exorcism would just demolish everyone. What mouz did is simple: they just banned a hero they didn't want to fight against, versus the amazing statistics behind Na'Vi's Chen.

Critical Hero
shadow demon

Shadow Demon is what I call a critical hero: With Disruption, he can set up ganks and save his teammates. Also, Soul Catcher will allow mouz to kill the opponents' heroes really fast. If Na'Vi manages to snipe Shadow Demon or even force him to waste Disruption without using too much of hero spells, Na'Vi will end with an advantage.


Na'Vi is going to be Na'Vi, which means pushstrat; trying to destroy towers as quickly as possible while dominating the laning and the early/mid game. mouz has some of that too: Leshrac can also destroy towers quickly, but ultimately what mouz wants most is a good start for Antimage. The team need to resist Na'Vi's laning phase and prevent them from finding openings and hence taking a big advantage.

Ukraine Natus VincereGermany mousesports
brewmaster enchantress natures prophet

lycanthrope invoker tidehunter

sandking earthshaker
night stalker broodmother
dark seer
leshrac chen
death prophet venomancer
shadow demon
enigma mirana
anti mage beastmaster

dark seer LighTOfHeaveN (Top)
mirana Dendi (Mid)
enigma Puppey (Jungle)
venomancer AA (Bot)
death prophet XBOCT (Bot)

anti mage Black (Top)
shadow demon 1437 (Top)
chen ComeWithMe (Jungle)
leshrac Singsing (Mid)
beastmaster SexyBamboe (Bot)

The Game
Laning Analysis

Mouz wins the top lane thanks to Shadow Demon. Because of Disruption, Dark Seer can't run away with Surge. After eight minutes of laning, Dark Seer died three times while Antimage got a nice farm and even managed to land the last hit on the tower. It's the best start mouz could wish for Antimage.

The mid lane, however, turns out to be a total disaster: At this stage, Singsing appears not to like this game anymore, it's becoming too hard for him. Jokes apart, Dendi shows how to control a lane and pressure the opponent: by outlasthitting Singsing, Dendi forced him into unfavorable and vulnerable positions, managing to get two kills (one of them is the first blood). The mid lane is a total loss for mouz, and eventually this advantage gained by Dendi will allow his team to quickly get the first and second tier towers.

And the bottom lane is the same. Not only Na'Vi players are denying a lot of experience from SexyBamboe, they're also preventing him from stacking the Ancient Neutrals. With the same token, they quickly destroy two bottom towers. It's just eight minutes and Na'Vi already has almost 4000 gold advantage, with four towers destroyed. That's Na'Vi laning phase for you.

Important Events
Mid game

9:00: The position right now is unfavorable to mouz. They just lost four towers, and can't afford to trade towers anymore. Na'Vi acknowledges it immediatly and takes full control of both Radiant's and Dire's jungles. A gank initiated by Shadow Demon on Mirana gives mouz the opportunity of getting a kill and push the mid lane. Note that Puppey saves Dendi with Black Hole, but ends dying. Hence mouz gets the tower on the verge of destruction, but is then repelled by Na'Vi. While this is happening, Antimage is in the top lane, farming; not allowing Dark Seer getting any close to the tower. Meanwhile, XBOCT is free farming bottom.

Puppey will sacrifice himself to save Dendi

12:30: Na'Vi and mouz trade towers; mouz players lose their first tier top tower, while Na'Vi the first tier mid tower. As a bonus, Puppey is caught by Disruption and ends dying. Both teams keeps trading towers, this time the second tiers. Na'Vi gets the tower first and comes back to defend theirs. On the other hand, mouz kills Puppey one more time, delaying his items build a notch.

13 minutes in, Na'Vi already destroyed six towers. Antimage is getting decent farm (86 creep kills) and will have his Battlefury soon. Not much items are kicking in yet: mouz have three Arcane Boots. On Na'Vi side, XBOCT is almost finished with a Heart of Tarrasque! The most common option however is the Bloodstone. Let's stop a bit and think why he would pick Heart of Tarrasque instead:

Right now, Na'Vi's plan is to wait until its heroes get some items and push the three tier towers. They want to siege the base with Eidolons, Poison Wards and Exorcism. With that said, Heart of Tarrasque will allow Death Prophet to stay next to mouz base without much worry, having the opportunity to just back out for 10 seconds and returning with full HP. At the same time, Heart of Tarrasque will keep Death Prophet's mana pool quite low, which means Mana Void will not deal that much damage on her. I guess these are the two arguments in favor of Heart of Tarrasque. It would be hard to get some charges on a Bloodstone because all the towers are down already. The eventual mana problems Death Prophet will face can be solved with Arcane Boots, but Na'Vi doesn't have them. But the problem is, even with Tarrasque, Death Prophet will still die very fast because of Soul Catcher and Penitence. This item kinda tell us that Na'Vi wants to win fast. Na'Vi is just waiting for Mekanism on Enigma and items on Dark Seer and Mirana. In mouz favor, the Mekanism was delayed due to Puppey two deaths, and Dark Seer was killed three times in the laning phase.

15:25: Na'Vi wards all the entrances of mouz base,to have the best map vision possible. On mouz side, the team plants a ward next to the spot where its first tier mid tower was, to keep some map control. Despite the wards, Na'Vi doesn't prevent mouz from ganking: a smoke gang results into Venomancer getting exploded by Shadow Demon, Leshrac and Beastmaster. And now, something interesting happens: XBOCT finds an invisibility rune and moves to the Dire's Ancient Neutrals spot, hoping to do something. He body-blocks SexyBamboe there. Because Shadow Demon is on the high terrain, XBOCT did not have enough time to check his inventory and spot the sentry ward, that was immediately planted. This reveals Krobelus and results into her own death. mouz then places wards next to Roshan, knowing that Na'Vi will try to get it before going for the final push.

Look next to mouz base: Massive wardwall by Na'Vi

18:00: This is a game turning moment. Puppey finished his Mekanism, Dendi is on his way in completing Orchid of Malevolence, and Dark Seer has almost finishing his Pipe of Insight. On mouz side, Antimage has Battlefury, Chen has Mekanism, and Singsing is getting close to a Bloodstone. Na'Vi's push timing is getting closer and closer. What can you do to prevent this? One way is Stealing Roshan. The two kills next to the Dire's Secret Shop gave mouz control of that area. So they just use Smoke of Deceit to move quietly and quickly snipe Roshan. This is a brilliant tactical move. If Na'Vi players wants to push now, they will have to face Antimage with Aegis; if they don't, Antimage will become a beast as the game carries on. Having no wards there at all, only too late did Na'Vi realize what happened.

Minimap from Na'Vi POV: no control at all of Roshan

19:00: One minute after taking Roshan, mouz quickly rotate to the bottom lane, forcing a team-fight at the tower. Venomancer is killed immediately, but still manages to use his ultimate. Na'Vi also loses the tower and Mirana, while mouz loses Shadow Demon and Chen. A small win for mouz, who's starting to assume control of the game.

21:30: Na'Vi doesn't want to waste time and starts sieging mouz' base, using the Plague Wards and Exorcism. A big Black Hole from Puppey followed by Vacuum and Poison Nova gives the chance Na'Vi needs to get the tower, but Hand of God and Mekanism keep mouz alive. With a gigantic Mana Void and Pulse Nova, mouz finally kills four heroes; a come back from early game and at the same time getting a huge lead on experience.

Na'Vi at the siege: Ghosts, ghost everywhere

Late Game

23:00: mouz's counterattack is fierce and quickly, the team destroys both mid and bot second tier towers, while killing Venomancer and Dark Seer, who can't Surge away from danger because of Demonic Purge.

30:00: After a small farming window, more items start to kick in on mouz side. Antimage already had his Manta Style, and now he finishes a Heart of Tarrasque. Leshrac adds a Black King Bar to his inventory, Beastmaster has a Necronomicon level 3, and Shadow Demon the Drums of Endurance. On Na'Vi's side, Enigma has a Blink Dagger and Venomancer a Veil of Discord. Right now, both teams are camping Roshan. Fearing smoke gangs, Na'Vi places sentry wards on the nearby paths, and manages to catch Singsing offguard, killing him in the process. Thanks to the Bloodstone charges, he comes back alive very quickly, not giving Na'Vi a chance to push. A massive team-fight explodes, and Death Prophet dies very quickly because of Soul Catcher. Venomancer, Dark Seer and Enigma also die in the fight for Na'Vi and only Chen for mouz, but quick buybacks and Black Hole manages to keep Na'Vi in the game, killing Beast and Shadow Demon. Antimage was alive all the time and got a lot of experience.

32:30: Dendi hits an Arrow on Leshrac, and tries to quickly snipe him. However, Singsing is saved by Disruption, and another massive team-fight explodes. Puppey missblinks to the middle of trees, having problems to land his stun. Antimage gives Mirana a quick death, and Mana Void explodes Death Prophet and Dark Seer. At the end of the team-fight, only Enigma is alive, Antimage got an ultra kill, mouz kills Roshan pushing their lead further.

36:00: mouz finally got to Na'Vi's base, winning another massive team-fight. Na'Vi calls GG.

Endgame scoreboard. Click to expand


- Na'Vi players got a very early lead by destroying four towers in eight minutes, but the deaths on Dark Seer and Enigma delayed their plan a lot. At the same time, mouz's call to snipe Roshan was brilliant, immediately putting Na'Vi players in a very difficult spot.

- This game is a good demonstration of Dendi's theory on taking towers and late game. When you have tower advantage, any big loss on team-fights will cost you the towers, not your barracks. It took mouz at least four massive team-fights to finally reach Na'Vi's base. And winning four massive team-fights in row is very hard and uncommon.

- After having a very rough time, mousesports is performing really well in the last weeks, managing to get convincing wins against a lot of teams. Come With Me merged really well in the team.

- Diablo III was taking the best out of Na'Vi players for a while, but it's just a matter of time for them to start focusing again and recover their top shape, because Na'Vi is a team with much elegance and class.

- Many thanks to Black!

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