Synergy League

  • Prize pool $50,000
  • Start date Jan 16, 2015


Synergy League

Sep 27, 2014
SEA - Elimination Stage
Europe - Elimination Stage
China - Elimination Stage
China - China Group
Group B - EU Groups
Group A - EU Groups
Group B - SEA Groups
Group A - SEA Groups

News & Features

Fresh talent rising up in Synergy League Europe

The European groups of the Synergy League had some underdogs stepping up in the absence of the major teams, such as AlbumSheet, AfterShock, Kompas and LAJONS. The elimination stage starts tomorrow.

Dota 2 Tjernobylbarnet

SynergyLeague bans Arrow Gaming for life

Arrow Gaming's ddz has posted a response on reddit with regards to the accusations of him fixing matches. The screenshots he provided were looked into by the SynergyLeague administration and it was decided that those screenshots were falsified, and as a result, Arrow Gaming has been banned for life from SynergyLeague.

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Arrow implicated in matchfixing scandal

The matchfixing scandal was seemingly uncovered and over, but new evidence has emerged. Dota2Lounge's investigation has brought up new evidence that suggests that Arrow Gaming has been taking part in matchfixing as well.

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Synergy League Roundup: Lajons looking strong

We are halfway through the European and SEA groupstages of Synergy League, with the participants fighting for a spot in the top-four that leads to the regional pre-playoffs. The Chinese groupstage is scheduled to begin on October 12th, with a single round-robin group of six squads.

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