Trust win $730 at Thai eSports League

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 30 July 2012 17:08

The top four teams in Thailand gathered to compete once again in the Thai eSports League offline finals in Bangkok, Thailand, where Trust emerged victorious after a weekend of competition to take home the lion's share of the $2,500 prizepool.

All eyes were on Neolution to repeat their stellar performance at GEST July (where they came in second) and it was primed by fans to be a fight between Neolution and Trust.

However, underdogs ECS.Fight stole the show this time, sending Trust to the Loser's Bracket finals, where the latter eliminated Neolution from the tournament and setting up a grand finals with ECS.Fight. iDeal, on the other hand, was eventually eliminated from the tournament by Neolution.

Fighting from the Loser's Bracket, experience paid off for the Thai powerhouse and Trust was eventually able to overpower ECS.Fight to take home the championship title and $730 in cash. ECS.Fight had to settle for first runner's up as well as $570 in cash.

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