Neolution to challenge Pacific.emaxx for GEST gold

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 22 July 2012 12:51

Out of nowhere, Thai powerhouse Neolution have sprung to challenge the Philippines for first place at the traditionally Filipino-dominated monthly tournament. The best of three grand finals will take the stage soon enough, and will Neolution be able to end the Pinoy's spree at GEST?

Philippines Pacific.emaxxThailand Neolution
Philippines PacificNmaEMAXX
Philippines PacificDonEMAXX
Philippines PacificChnEMAXX
Philippines PacificBybEMAXX
Philippines PacificHugEMAXX
Thailand NeoES-tAJi
Thailand NeoES-nOcsm
Thailand NeoES-Bally
Thailand NeoES-KyT
Thailand NeoES-InTreso
>Cambodia SVR_Es>Philippines iZONE125
>Philippines Dreamz>Philippines Pacific.Palit
>Malaysia Invasion Red>Myanmar G7

Taking out two formidable Filipino opponents iZONE125 and Pacific.Palit on their road to the grand finals is not an easy task, much less for a struggling Thai team who have not been performing to their expectations at previous editions or even within their own country

Nevertheless, they have proven themselves this weekend and will possibly prove themselves once more as they take on Pacific.emaxx, the team which lost to iZONE125 early on in the group stages.

Who are your betting on to win?


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