Blizzard community round tables at DH Winter

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 19 November 2012 21:35
The Blizzard franchises are going to Jönköping this weekend and fans of SC2, D3 and WoW alike will be able to take part in a number of events, round table discussions included.

A total of six meetings have been planned for November 22-25, namely:

StarCraft Academy during which participants will learn the secrets of the game from professional gamers
Jade Serpent Challenge - a WoW PvE challenge, ending with on-stage face-off between the best teams
Hang Out With Blizzard - an open meeting with the Europe Community Team over at the SC2 tournament section.
Three roundtable discussion meetings, one for each franchise. Those are scheduled as follows:

World of Warcraft:
Friday at 12:30 CET – 14:00 CET
Saturday at 16:30 CET – 18:00 CET

StarCraft II:
Friday at 16:30 CET – 18:00 CET
Saturday at 14:30 CET – 16:00 CET

Diablo III:
Friday at 14:30 CET – 16:00 CET
Saturday at 12:30 CET – 14:00 CET

Similarly to the last time similar round table discussions were held (at IEM Gamescom), those who desire to meet the creators of the games and provide them with feedback must apply for a seat (of which there is a limited amount), by writing to [email protected].



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