Inferno, Whining and the Endgame of Diablo III

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 01 June 2012 19:01

An old GosuGamers crew member - Stefan "Devt" Kreutz - returns with an awesome piece on the much debated (and much flamed) Inferno difficulty. Devt goes through the hot topic, examining if the community's displeasure is justified and what needs to change with Inferno.

"Inferno needs to be changed but I agree with Blizzard in how it has to be altered; don't make it easier, make it more fun. [...] Identifying what works as a challenge and what needlessly frustrates players is what Blizzard has to do right now, not make sure that every rare item in Inferno spawns with at least 200 points in Vitality and a base stat (and yes, that was a genuine suggestion)."

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