FMPONE updates on Cache rework progress in CSGO

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FMPONE, one of the most famous community creators of maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CSGO), has given an update on the progress he’s making in redesigning Cache. Cache has been removed from the Active Duty lineup as Vertigo has taken its place.

FMPONE is most known for his former Active Duty map Cache, but he has contributed with other fantastic maps featured in CSGO. These include Season, Santorini, and Sub-Zero. Unfortunately, none of those have made it further than the Competitive map pool.

From the picture in the tweet, it seems like FMPONE has most of the areas already done. From his worm comment, it seems like he’s making slow progress or perhaps he’s having trouble with three areas around B site marked with red checkmarks. Heaven, sunroom or toxic, and B halls.


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